Posted on: Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Did anyone taste the New Footlong sandwich served by Sub-Way ???

 I had a blood test today, hence had to go without having my breakfast. I cannot live without my breakfast, That is The Important meal of my whole day, I can survive without lunch or dinner but just cannot Breakfast. As soon as my test was finished (Did i tell you that the nurse couldnt find my vein and ended up inserting that needles twice on both my arms …… 😦 ), I went to a near food place which was Sub-Way and ordered a Footlong sandwich.

I watched them making that sandwich for me, which made my mouth water. I ordered Tuna Sandwich as i wasnt left with any choice for they dont serve Halal meat. I hope they start serving Halal meat soon too. They used four scoops of tuna, cheese slices, Shredded cold vegetables like spinach, Cucumber, tomato, Green capsicum, Green and Black olives, Onions and so on and the main ingredient was Sweet Onion Sause which added a load of taste and flavour. Anybody tasted it ? It actually is the thing which makes the sandwich more tasty and leaves us asking for more ………. 😀 . Dont you agree ???

I loved eating it with (not to mention) a glass full of coke, Isnt it a satisfying and wonderful combination/meal ??? I think everyone should try it atleast once, Its a bit costly but C’mmon Just taste it. Its worth the money. 

Anyone here who agrees with me ??


13 Responses to "Sub-Way"

Its complicated. If you eat tuna once in a blue moon then its good but if you eat it every day or almost every day and do it for a few months then you will get sick of it and won’t know the difference even if it is good.

Yes I agree it is worth the money. I have survived on Tuna ( canned ) for months at a place where Halal was not an option :-). Here, I like Mr. Sub more than Subway…they have sea food one…on multi grain.

Never tasted sub-way food before and not likely too until they applied for Halal certification.

Hmm ., sounds good, havent tried the subway here, and also nt too fond of fish, i like only fried fish …

Sounds yummy..once I tried footlong…had stomach ache for days 😦 so I am not sure that I’ll try again but yeah, a tuna sandwich maybe 🙂

By the waY, hope your blood test shows that everything is allright 🙂

Stay healthy girl!

I LOVE SUBWAY , since I discovered that place every week I go and get a subway from their , love it , veggie delight is my favourite with mustard honey and chilli

I love it too Maryam, its my fav!! 🙂

Stinger ….. Is it ????

Bro Yusuf …. You do, Wish we will be having one soon inshallah.

Jahandost ……. I do agree with you, Cant eat Tuna regularly, but like eating it once in two weeks or so.

Zios …. OMG, Surviving on Tuna……, It must have had very difficult for you, Wasnt it ? I do like Tuna, but cannot eat much just as Jahandost just said

……. Way to go … !!!!

Fatima ……… I do love fried fish too, I am absolutely crazy about it. Specially Fried Pink Salmon …. YUM

Lubna …… I am so sorry for you, Hope your stomach wont ache after a tuna sandwich …. 🙂
I am expecting my blood test results in a week and hope that everything will be normal inshallah.

Amal ….. Every week, May i accompany you sweety ??? I dint try that till now, but will try to eat it once inshallah.

Mona …. Me too, Thanks for visiting my page …. 🙂

You’re making me hungry! Ouch about the needles though!

oooh i’ve not that sauce, i’ll try it.
i love tuna, it’s the best. i get it at the non halal stores. non toasted though, it makes the bread go hard:(
i like italian blt on italian herb and cheese with ligh mayo the best.

And I a say this from experience!

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