Just Wondering …..

Posted on: Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am not a romantic fool, Alright I am, but just as much as we all naturally and normally are, not more,nor less than that. Reading Novels where i come across measured emotions, I often sit and wonder how much did i really express my love and care towards the people that matter to me ?

Every relation according to me has its own importance, which cannot be compared and measured by other relations. Am i right ?  Love, Hatred, Pain, Annoyance, Hapiness, Anger, Laughter … and so on are the feelings which defines and makes our life a happy one. What use are of my feelings when i dont express that to the one related on the right time ? What if something happens to me and i dont get a chance to convey my feelings to the one I Love and care about what I feel for them ? What if i dont get an another chance ? The problem is i guess this that at some point we start taking every relation of our life for granted, and dont feel the importance of expressing our feelings often and repeatedly.

I am a human too, hence i understand the important of feelings. Even i would like the people around me to express their feelings to me, just the way they would want me to. How much time have i lost, I have little idea of that. But since i have realised it now, I think i would start working on it immediately and make sure than i let know every person in my life what importance they hold in my eyes. I repent every those moment in my life when i dint pay any heed to my loved ones feelings, while hurting them, When i seldom expressed my emotions to them, when i dint care about them, when i dint express my gratitude and love for them ………………………. <Sigh>

Well, I hope i did not brain-wash you all ……….. 🙂 . Its just a reminder friends that No matter how much you love somone, (any relation of your life) it needs to be claimed and expressed, It isnt very difficult but it makes the person referred very happy. I can bet on that, though your feelings shouldnt be fake, They should be genune and heartily instead. Isnt that what we all want from every relation of our lives ????

Lastly , Love you All ………………….. 😀 . Its a genune one, I assure you.


16 Responses to "Just Wondering ….."

Absolutely right!… let people know how you feel about them before its too late
Allah has blessed us with so many forms of expressions..words are the first line.. followed by actions. 🙂

Ya thts true, one should always show how much they care and love, though I was pretty bad at it, but now hv become better wid times 🙂

Yes very true. There are so many things that people are, so much possible range of emotions that people exhibit.

Emotions are purest when unexpressed. Expression destroys love. :/

Stinger : i f u dnt express yr emotions than how do one know wht is thr in yr heart, if one has no expressions then they look Blank.

so true.
i think like that too. i hate being upset with anyone, or not speaking to them, because i can’t help but wonder that if something happens to that person or to me, there would be all that baggage for the rest of your / thier life. and nothing in life is certain, especially how long you’re going to be around.
i hope you can go to india soon. this time though, i don’t want to go. my ils from a small-ish town and there’s nothing to do really, so i don’t really like visiting. awful huh? add to that the fact that i have to plan for the trip, what to take for us all, for the baby – it’s driving me up the wall!

Emotions must be conveyed what way u like that up to you but give them words cos every one wants to be reciprocated with same wave length rather more when its our turn…..
aur Mr.Stinger point of view is exceptional,follows great poet Keats
Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard
Are sweeter….

well said…. but u forgot to mention about those ppl who dont know how to express there selfs….. than what… and here i am not talking about my self……

if you show ppl that u care about them, u love ’em, u’ll b there for them wenever they r in need……
and in return they never show their expressions, feelings emotions….. than wat….

cahana aur chaheey jana ensani jabliyat hai!

Thankyou aashely for the stamp of greatness 😛

uff…I said Keats not you…

Yes, I agree that expressing feelings are important as to avoid being misunderstood. I wonder if looking a person in the eyes without saying a word means something of expressing a feeling. What do u think?


Zios ……… I am glad you agree with me, As per me expressing emotions is very important, if you dont want the emotions dweeling inside you to be gone waste

Fatima ………. I am happy that you were able to better yourselves for good…… 🙂 . I have met some people who do have emotions but prefer not showing them, I Dont know whether anybody agrees with me or not, Bu i dont like such people much …. 😦

…. Thats true. Allah has blessed us with many such ways by which we can express our love and feelings

……….. Thats you way, I guess. I wont judge it but i aint surprised, As i said, I have met people like you in my life. Everybody has a diferent style to show their feeling, Maybe thats your way ….. !!!!

Mona ……… I often find myself surrounded by such feelings as you, All we can do is hope that we have let every single person we love,admire and respect knew what we feel for them …… 🙂

Aashley ………. You are right when you say Expressions can be expressed any way a person likes. A small act can make a huge difference, A smile can melt any stone heart, I strongly believe so ……. 🙂

Khwab …….. I think that Allah has blessed every single person with different minds and thoughts. If i would wanna express my love by giving a flower, Some other person might do so by buying her/his favourite cloth/jewellery/electronic …. etc But in both the cases The emotion expressed is Love. Everyone has a unique and different way to show love, and i dont think anyone exits who doesnt know how to,as if you really love someone, even if you cannot show it, the one involved can certainly understand your feelings.

Ummabdurrahman ………. I couldnt agree with you more. And i even agree that when a person isnt open with his/her thoughts and feelings, they are often misunderstood.

Salam ‘alaik,

Indeed expressing our feelings is part of communication and communication is vital in our everyday life.


Ahh, reminds me of a post I wrote few years back on my blog. We waste more time in thinking planning and then getting the right words out. Its hard to express in every relationship but we do miss out a few vital players in our life as well.

Lovely thoughts Maryam 🙂 May Allah give us enough courage too 🙂

BTW at times we are afraid of how others will judge our emotions and feelings too. Usually people do take things in wrong entirety 😐

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