My Picks

As salaam alaikum,

Following is the list of My Favorite pages/Blogs. Mentioned below are all my friends whom i love a lot.

I am sure after visiting their blogs and knowing them, you will like them all too……………. 🙂 So, feel free to scroll down an choose your pick

All about Islam on Muslimwealth

The Unique one Unique Muslimah

The very Energetic and Fresh Hema

My Dear Friend Fatima

A beautiful soul Farhana

The Very Talented Zios

The moody Crybaby

The confusing yet simple Lubna

Another friend of mine Umabdurrahman

Adikbongsu , I love your blog

The great Jaffar Hussain

A sweet friend with great thoughts Shahrazad

My new friend Mona

Asma with Pink Feelings .. 🙂

A World of Dream by a Dreamer

Sumera, With a very intresting blog.

Life of an Ordinary Girl

A very creative Blog – Dont Be Sad

The Empowered and Young Achelois

A congregation of Muslim Bloggers – Ijtema

We the Muslim Women – Nisaa

Just another day by Umm Omar

Sara, Always wanting to inspire souls

A good read by Liya

An Egyptian Alexandrian Muslim American girl with a lovely blog – Organic

Haleem – The Captian Chaos

Journey of Motherhood by Mona

One in a Billion – Umm Yusuf

A Beautiful blog by a wife & Husband Mayg&UTP

Creative Warmup by Mahjabeen

A very dear friend of mine Aashely

Miss Muslimah with very strong and though-provoking views

Too humble to be true Mina

Life of not-so-princess by Baikong

Thoughts and Tips By Laila

Spreading the love,Loving the Faith – Umm Salihah

A beautiful blog by Unaiza

Musings by Purple Drifter

Sugar Spice and Everything nice by Mehreen

Attitude with Substance by Hina

A very happy and proud Muslimah Amina

Exciting your taste buds – Mona

Run by 4 Muslim Friends – The Antidote

The very different and Unique – Kausar

Nikki’s Blog, I am jealous of her template .. 😉


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31 Responses to "My Picks"

What? Where is my blog? :@

Add this: The great Jaffar Hussain!!!

Thanks so much for adding me, its really so sweet of u, thanks once again.

I am sorry, i forgot you Stinger…………. 🙂

Now thats what I’ talking about! ^_^

As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my very dear Maryam,

Jazak’Allah for adding me to your lovely blog. 🙂 Very much appreciated.

Wa’alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

Awwww, Mash’Allah I have enjoyed visiting your site as well. I have learned some new things through your entries.


Yay, I’m on your list! Thanks Maryam, I’m just discovering your page. 🙂

Heyyy…I have made to the ‘ Maryam’s Tops List’…

Thankyou ya Maryam!!…. -:)

Ooh, I like my introduction 😉

Thank you, sweetheart!

Thats so0 sweet of you Maryam 🙂 love ya for that 😀

By the way I loved my intro ‘coz for the first time ever..someone explained me as a ‘simple’ being…thats a nice ring to it..

Ohh how sweet of you 🙂

Just wondering why I’m the only one with a smiley in front *_*

Farhana, Ummabdurrahman, Zios, Mona ………. You all deserve it, I enjoyed visiting your blog and am sure everyone does .

Achelois ……… I thought a lot before writing everybody’s introduction. I am glad you liked it.

Lubna ………. Thanks you …. 🙂
Yes, I did find you simple but you can be confusing sometimes, as i wrote earlier Writing introduction took a lot of time to think and come to a final word(s). Am happy you liked it.

Asma ….. You have a smiley alone coz I dont think ‘Pink Feelings’ is a common phrase used ……….. 🙂

hmmmm should I be more angrier than I already am……..ok fine Maryam……..I see I am not a favorite…….

lol 🙂 remind me to kick you off my blog………

Awwwww….. C’mmon sweety, You know you are among my favourite people, Its just that, I havent updated this page since a very long time, S O R R Y …. 😉

I made it! (blush)
Thanks for adding me!

Thanks Maryam dear!

lol….i was just kidding. i feel really special……and umm MissMuslimah dont get to happy…you were still under me lol. 🙂

I think its a mistake,you see, if she categorizes us alphabetically, I”LL be above you… 🙂 so dont get too sassy,it can change at any time 😀 …right maryam? lol
(unless of course she adds you as just angry M and not THe angry M,then you would be on top anyway :O ….but you wouldnt do that would you maryam?)..lol

Aashely dear, Dont thank me, You deserve it .. 😀

Angrymuslimah …. You do ? Thank Goodness .. !!!! 😆

Miss Muslimah …. Nope, I wont do that, But you never now …. 😉
Gosh! I enjoy your visits so much sweety. And your little fight with theangrymuslimah too. I hope theangrymuslimah isnt getting thetooangrymuslimah reading it … Lol

I am missing here? 😀

Oh thanks dude! 🙂

Aha. If you have free time, feel free to visit my blog, sis…
But, it wasn’t wrote in english yet. 😀

wow! SO totally honored!! thanks 😀

[…] Site, Writers You all must be familiar with My other blog – Mulimwealth mentioned in my Favourite Pages list. I am looking for contributors for My blog there. You can visit the site first and get an idea […]

Hi ! 😉
I am Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that I’v found your blog very interesting
And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
Sorry for my bad english:)
Thank you!

mashallh …nice blog

salam I Am Iranian

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