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As salaam alaikum Readers,

All praise is to Allah, we praise Him, seek His help and His forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allah from the evils of our souls and evils of our deeds. One whom Allah guides none can lead astray, and one whom He misguides, none can guide him. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad S.A.S is His servant and His messenger.

The Hadith’s and Islamic stories mentioned on my blog, which have been written as stated in the books are all authentic except this, (about which I am not sure) which was once told in Masjid after Taraawee prayers. If anyone is interested in knowing its reference, he/she can write to me here and I shall get back to you with its reference Inshallah.

Also, I permit you to use any of the Islamic matter quoted in my blog to use in your blogs, sites or wherever you wish to ass Knowledge is to distributed among people and the one who withholds it is wrong is the eyes of Islam. You can ask me for its source too, if you are interested in mentioning that on your personal blog/site too.

Everything that is right in this blog is from Allah S.W.T and to Him is all the praise, every mistake or error is from my imperfection and from Shaytan – and I seek refuge in Allah from him! I ask Allah S.W.T to accept this effort of mine as an act done purely and sincerely for hi Face and that He does not allow anyone or anything else to have a share in it. AMEEN.

May Allah bless us all, Ameen.

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As salaam alaikum Readers,

This is to assure that all the content seen/ to be see on this blog is authentic inshallah. If anyone wishes to inquire about the references, please write to me. You can do so by filling the contact form in my Question/Reach me page.

Wish you have a good and blessed day, Ameen

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