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I have been reading the Transliteration of Quran lately, And i have come across some spine-chilling verses which shook me back to reality, to understand why am I here, What can i do to save myself from Hell-Fire. I was at-first ignorant of the open warnings in Quran for the people who choose to neglect Allah’s message and Book,Quran. I have seen myself growing as a good Muslimah by each passing day. I dont claim to be a pure and good Muslimah, but i do believe I am better than what i was yesterday. Reading books opens our mind to some valuable information, making us one step closer to our Religion. Like, I dint knew until now that a woman is supposed to offer her prayer wearing her socks, i.e covering her feet. There maybe millions of such things which we dont know, but we can always certainly make an effort to strengthen our faith towards Allah.

We have no idea, of how many sins are we committing in a day, If i am asked, I have no answer to that. Ever wondered, What if our sins lands us in a place, which is much dreaded- Hell? As mentioned in Quran many times, On the Day of Judgement, We people will realize our mistake and regret our actions, but what use is it for us then ? If we have to realize something, if we have to make amends, if we have to try to be a Good Muslimah, Now is the time. C’mmon sisters and Brothers, Wake up !

While reading the verses of Surah Al-Ala(87), I read a hadith quoted by Ahmad, as recorded from Abu Sa’id that the Messenger of Allah said, ” Concerning the people of Fire who will be dwellers of it, they will not die in it nor will they live. However, there will be a group pf people – or as he said – whom the fire will burn due to their sins – or as he said – their wrongdoings. So, He will cause them to die until they become burnt coal. Then the intercession will be allowed and they will be bought group after group, and they will be scattered over the rivers of Paradise. Then it will be said: ‘O people of Paradise! Pour down upon them’. Then they will sprout like the growing of the seed that is upon the moist bank of flowing stream”
Now, Ponder over. Would you like to reside in Paradise as a human or as a sprout ? I am sure, everyone would choose the earlier one over the latter one. Now is the chance to shape our destiny, Now is the chance to choose our dwelling place, in the hereafter.

Another verse and Hadith: People who committed a lot of sin (referring to the people of Tawhid), shall be sent to Hell, which will be their dwelling place, and they will remain in it for Ahqab, which is the plural of Huqb. Huqb means a period of time.
Ibn Jabbar recorded from Salim that he heard Al-Hasan being asked about Allah’s statement *They will abide therein Ahqab* V.78;23. In reference to Ahqab, it has no specific amount of time other than its general meaning of eternity in the Hell-fire. However, they have mentioned that the Huqb is seventy to eighty years, and the year is one three hundred and sixty five days,and every day of it is like one thousand years according to your reckoning(in this life). And it is which has no end to it, whenever a era comes to an end, a new era follows it.

I hope this post would encourage Muslim brothers and Sisters to choose their fate, and try each day to be a better Muslimah than you were yesterday. May Allah guide us all, Ameen


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