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The other day I had a rather interesting question poised by someone, ‘We have heard many advising us to ask Allah to guide us to the straight path, but what really defines the straight path ?’. This is such a question the answer of which should clearly be understood by every Muslim, just dint realize that up until now (Thanks to Raza). As promised, here’s my answer to that.

As for the meaning of As-Sirat Al-Mustaqim, Imam Abu Ja`far At-Tabari said, “The Ummah agreed that Sirat Al-Mustaqim, is the clear path without branches, according to the language of the Arabs. For instance, Jarir bin `Atiyah Al-Khatafi said in a poem, `The Leader of the faithful is on a path that will remain straight even though the other paths are crooked.” At-Tabari also stated that, “There are many evidences to this fact.” At-Tabari then proceeded, “The Arabs use the term, Sirat in reference to every deed and statement whether righteous or wicked. Hence the Arabs would describe the honest person as being straight and the wicked person as being crooked. The straight path mentioned in the Qur’an refers to Islam.

Imam Ahmad recorded in his Musnad that An-Nawwas bin Sam`an said that the Prophet said(Allah has set an example: A Sirat (straight path) that is surrounded by two walls on both sides, with several open doors within the walls covered with curtains. There is a caller on the gate of the Sirat who heralds, ‘O people! Stay on the path and do not deviate from it.’ Meanwhile, a caller from above the path is also warning any person who wants to open any of these doors, ‘Woe unto you! Do not open it, for if you open it you will pass through.’ The straight path is Islam, the two walls are Allah’s set limits, while the doors resemble what Allah has prohibited. The caller on the gate of the Sirat is the Book of Allah, while the caller above the Sirat is Allah’s admonishment in the heart of every Muslim.)

Allah’s statement,

[غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلاَ الضَّآلِّينَ]

(Not (the way) of those who earned Your anger, nor of those who went astray)

meaning guide us to the straight path, the path of those upon whom you have bestowed Your grace, that is, the people of guidance, sincerity and obedience to Allah and His Messengers. They are the people who adhere to Allah’s commandments and refrain from committing what He has prohibited. But, help us to avoid the path of those whom Allah is angry with, whose intentions are corrupt, who know the truth, yet deviate from it. Also, help us avoid the path of those who were led astray, who lost the true knowledge and, as a result, are wandering in misguidance, unable to find the correct path. Allah asserted that the two paths He described here are both misguided when He repeated the negation `not’. These two paths are the paths of the Christians and Jews, a fact that the believer should beware of so that he avoids them. The path of the believers is knowledge of the truth and abiding by it. In comparison, the Jews abandoned practicing the religion, while the Christians lost the true knowledge. This is why `anger’ descended upon the Jews, while being described as `led astray’ is more appropriate of the Christians. Those who know, but avoid implementing the truth, deserve the anger, unlike those who are ignorant. The Christians want to seek the true knowledge, but are unable to find it because they did not seek it from its proper resources.

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All of you who have been following my blog (although I have been quite nonexistent since awhile) knows what brought me to write about this post. Its yet an another question answered, yet a deed done in hopes of guiding someone back to Islam (Inshallah).

As can be imagined by Muslimah’s mingling and talking, we dont use use much of  ‘Thank You’ and rather say ‘Jazakallah’ even for the smallest imaginable help. This caught attention of one of my non-muslim friends and dare I say some of my Muslim friends as well who knew this word existed but never thought of its meaning, until now.

“Why Jazakallah Mayam ? Couldn’t you just say ‘Thank you’ ? Whats so special about it ?’ was the question raised by her. My heart broke into all smiles, what a wonderful opportunity of explaining yet an another trait of Islam. “It means the same as ‘Thank you’ does, only much better’. I replied.  ‘Why would you say that ?’ she asked with a frown on her face .. ‘Well !! The beauty of this word lies in understand its meaning.’ I continued ‘When we say ‘Thank you’, we obviously intend to let others know how much we appreciate their help. And thats the end of story. But there more to it with Jazakallah Khairun. When we utter this word, we imply not only that we appreciate your help, but also that we dont believe we could ever repay you for the help you offered and leave it on our Lord Allah to reward you with the very best’.’WOW ..!!! That’s a real good thought. Definitely more than a mere ‘Thank you’ … Wanna grab a cup of coffee’ and there we went.

What fascinates me the most is by what amount your deeds/actions could grab someone’s attention. Turns out 6 out of 10 reverts were spellbound with Islam by simply observing Muslim’s practicing Islam, which ultimately led them to embrace Islam and discover its beauty on their own. Who knows, Maybe someday Inshallah we would guide someone back to Islam as well (Ameen), the reward of which would be of utmost importance in this world and in the hereafter.

P.S : Just a note guys, I am back and so will be my posts Inshallah. Stay tuned for more about Islam .. 🙂

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After a very long pause, My Blog is active again … !!! What I mean to say is, I am back and will still continue to write inshallah although I do admit blatantly that I hardly find time to spare anymore … !!!   😦    Juggling between home, work and stuff, You get the Idea .. 😉

Now that I get to meet many people who necessarily arent Muslims, I have been posed with various questions inquiring my Religion and its ways. I never feel offensive neither do I get defensive, But I rather take this as an oppurtunity to expose their minds to the Truth of everyone’s life – Islam. A friend of mine happened to ask me about ‘Halal meat’. She started as ‘Maryam, Doesnt the recital of some Arabic words alone differentiate Halal and Non-Halal meat ?’ I wasnt expecting such a question from her to be frank but nonetheless was plesantly surprised with the horizons it opened for me to shed some light on. ‘All my Muslim friends prefer Halal meat and never otherwise, Why such a thing only for some words?’ she continued.

‘No S(her name) ! It isnt about just the recital of some words’ I said while she continued eyeing me with curiosity. I decided to say more ‘ Its the way we slaughter it that makes the difference as well. We basically are ordered to drain all the Blood from the animals body to make sure that what we eat is only Meat and not a mixture of Blood and Meat’.

‘Oh! And how does Non-Halal meat has blood with it and not Halal ? How do you Muslims do that ?’ She probed further. ‘Its like, When an animal is killed in a shocked state, his blood is freezed therefore forming some accumilations/clogs which we dont wanna eat. Slaughtering it the Halal way opens a portal for the blood to drain off and leaves only good meat behind minus the clogs and accumilations.’ I replied

‘Ah! Is it ??’ She replied but I could hear the wheels turning inside her head. Maybe she was even questioning the Chicken Burger she was lunching on … !!! Maybe Maybe not ..

What do you think ?

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The other day I was commuting via the sub-way, which honesty is the best and peaceful way of travelling within Toronto. To my disappointment however the sub-way was nearly full with people rushing to their works, youngsters not wanting be late for their classes ..  I had to struggle my way through the tightly packed people and was eyeing every passenger whoever let out a slightest indication that his/her stop is next, so that I could grab a seat; which I somehow couldn’t keeping in mind how shy I am … 😦

Nothing else to do other than staring at every passenger, I decided to read and grabbed the Novel that I carried, which by the way was – The Moonlit Cage by Linda Holeman. At each stop a fresh flock of people were pushing themselves inside, rather than the other way around … 😡 .Among them was a Man, who caught my eye. He was Middle-Aged and a Muslim which I instantly figured by the Book he was carrying in his hand.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

At first I thought I was mistaken, I surely Must have imagined the Book in beautiful bindery in his hands. Just when I was about to concentrate on my Novel, I saw it again. This time, There was no Mistakening. It actually was the book, I first blamed myself having imagined – ‘The Holy Quran’. Was I surprised to see a Man read Quran in a public place ??? How pleasantly surprised was I .. A sight My eyes have never witnessed until now. Amid the clusters of people who were flowing with the music spilling in their ears through their ipods, people who were busy scanning Newspapers and Magazines for the latest sniff of gossip and rumour, there He was remembering Allah – quitely and obediently.

To be quite Honest with you, I have seen Many people who put up a great show NOT TO show that they are Muslims to avoid racism, and Look at this Man, who cared a Damn about anything but pleasing Allah. Such are the Muslims, our world is in need of, The ones who arent shy or hide their religion, But are proud to be a Muslim. Looking at him, shamed me for I havent been reading Quran since a while, So Busy was I with my worldly life, that I forgot The Almighty Allah ..

Pray before Prayers are offered for you; Weigh your acts before you are weighed; And find answers before they are answered for you before Allah !!

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I am not a BIG fan of Magazines, although I love to Read. But some days back, A magazine did catch my eye. You can say, It was out of curiosity that I took a detailed look inside it. The magazine I am talking about is ‘Sisters’ which is a Magazine for Muslim Women and Men. Now,This is something which really intrigued me. After all how many magazines do we have here in West that target the Muslim society ?? The following is the cover of Summer 2008 Issue. Clicking on this will also take you to the official Sisters site, where you could subscribe for its single of every issue.

small SISTERS Magazine cover

Although Here in Canada we have an another Magazine, but I love this the most. Sisters, Based in UK is a Magazine with some very inspiring stories, heart touching concepts, each said within the lights of Islam and the saying and teachings of our Prophet S.A.S. I would encourage everyone to go ahead and atleast download a sample issue of it (by clicking the image below), and I am sure you would go back asking for more.

Download mini sisters box

Anyone Who love this Magazine just as I do ? Isnt this a Beautiful Magazine and a Must-Have for every Muslim ?? I dearly hope that Naima (Founder of this Magazine) would always go on publishing her works which even includes Books too like ‘ From My Sisters Lips’.

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I have been reading the Transliteration of Quran lately, And i have come across some spine-chilling verses which shook me back to reality, to understand why am I here, What can i do to save myself from Hell-Fire. I was at-first ignorant of the open warnings in Quran for the people who choose to neglect Allah’s message and Book,Quran. I have seen myself growing as a good Muslimah by each passing day. I dont claim to be a pure and good Muslimah, but i do believe I am better than what i was yesterday. Reading books opens our mind to some valuable information, making us one step closer to our Religion. Like, I dint knew until now that a woman is supposed to offer her prayer wearing her socks, i.e covering her feet. There maybe millions of such things which we dont know, but we can always certainly make an effort to strengthen our faith towards Allah.

We have no idea, of how many sins are we committing in a day, If i am asked, I have no answer to that. Ever wondered, What if our sins lands us in a place, which is much dreaded- Hell? As mentioned in Quran many times, On the Day of Judgement, We people will realize our mistake and regret our actions, but what use is it for us then ? If we have to realize something, if we have to make amends, if we have to try to be a Good Muslimah, Now is the time. C’mmon sisters and Brothers, Wake up !

While reading the verses of Surah Al-Ala(87), I read a hadith quoted by Ahmad, as recorded from Abu Sa’id that the Messenger of Allah said, ” Concerning the people of Fire who will be dwellers of it, they will not die in it nor will they live. However, there will be a group pf people – or as he said – whom the fire will burn due to their sins – or as he said – their wrongdoings. So, He will cause them to die until they become burnt coal. Then the intercession will be allowed and they will be bought group after group, and they will be scattered over the rivers of Paradise. Then it will be said: ‘O people of Paradise! Pour down upon them’. Then they will sprout like the growing of the seed that is upon the moist bank of flowing stream”
Now, Ponder over. Would you like to reside in Paradise as a human or as a sprout ? I am sure, everyone would choose the earlier one over the latter one. Now is the chance to shape our destiny, Now is the chance to choose our dwelling place, in the hereafter.

Another verse and Hadith: People who committed a lot of sin (referring to the people of Tawhid), shall be sent to Hell, which will be their dwelling place, and they will remain in it for Ahqab, which is the plural of Huqb. Huqb means a period of time.
Ibn Jabbar recorded from Salim that he heard Al-Hasan being asked about Allah’s statement *They will abide therein Ahqab* V.78;23. In reference to Ahqab, it has no specific amount of time other than its general meaning of eternity in the Hell-fire. However, they have mentioned that the Huqb is seventy to eighty years, and the year is one three hundred and sixty five days,and every day of it is like one thousand years according to your reckoning(in this life). And it is which has no end to it, whenever a era comes to an end, a new era follows it.

I hope this post would encourage Muslim brothers and Sisters to choose their fate, and try each day to be a better Muslimah than you were yesterday. May Allah guide us all, Ameen

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As salaam alaikum Readers,

This is to assure that all the content seen/ to be see on this blog is authentic inshallah. If anyone wishes to inquire about the references, please write to me. You can do so by filling the contact form in my Question/Reach me page.

Wish you have a good and blessed day, Ameen

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