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Allah reveals the story of the two sons of Adam, Abel and Cain in various verses throughout the Quran. In Chapter 5, verses from 27-31 talk about their story, but the experts/scholars opinion and more commentary on the same subject is being printed below as complied by the Darussalam publication in their book ‘ Stories of the Prophets’. It is mentioned by exegete’s that Adam and Hawwa had in every birth one male child and one female child. They were commanded that every son of them would marry the sister of his brother with whom she was born. No one was allowed to get married with his sister with whom he was born

Abel wanted to get married with the twin sister of his elder brother Cain. But since his twin sister was more beautiful, Cain wanted to keep his twin sister for himself. Adam asked Cain to her with Abel but he refused to do so. Then he ordered them both to offer a sacrifice and left for Makkah to perform Hajj. After Adam had left, both offered their scarifies. Abel  offered a fat lamb since he was a Sheppard. While Cain offered a bundle of worst crops he had grown. A fire came down and devoured the sacrifice of Abel, leaving the sacrifice of Cain untouched. He became angry and started threatening Abel, ‘I will kill you so that you may not marry my sister’. Abel replied, ‘Allah accepts only from those who fear Him’.

One night, Abel did not return from tending his flock. So Adam sent Cain to see what happened to him. When Cain went looking for him, he found him and he complained, ‘Your offering was accepted, but mine was not’. Cain becomes angry in the argument and hits his brother with an iron he holds in his hand thereby killing his brother. The response which Abel showed after he was threatened by his brother is a sign of his noble character and piety. He avoided himself to respond with the same threat which his brother made towards him, as is clear from this verse: ‘Yet if you stretch out your hand against me to kill me, I shall not stretch out my hand to kill you, for I fear Allah, the Lord of the worlds‘. (5: 28)

Narrates Imam Ahmad from Abdullah bin Masud R.A.A who said that prophet S.A.S said, ‘No soul is killed unjustly but the first son of Adam bears a part of that sin. Because he was the first to initiate this tradition of killing‘ (Sahih Al-Bukhari).

As seen at ‘Stories of the Prophets’ by Ibn Kathir.

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Many of us here, May not be aware but Adam was the first prophet to be send to the Earth (among the many sent to the Ummah). Adam had four Honors, Allah has created him with HIS hands, breathed into him the soul which HE created for him (before which he remained in earthen body for 40 years), asked the angels to prostate before him and taught him the names of things. We all know the story of Creation of Adam, the reason he was descended from Paradise to the Earth, I have collected some Hadith/Information that we might not be knowing.

‘Allah has created Adam from a handful soil which HE had collected from all over the Earth, Hence producing children of Adam according to the nature and colour of the earth. There are white among them, as well as Black, red and cross colours. There are among them who are of bad nature and good nature , soft as well as harsh and in between.’ – As narrated by Prophet S.A.S. When Adam asked Allah  ‘O Lord! If you could have made them alike and similar ?’ Allah replied: ‘I like to be thanked!’

Prophet S.A.S narrated: Allah created Adam, then HE stroke his back with HIS right hand and took out from it some of his progeny and said, ‘I have created all of them for Paradise and they will be doing the deeds of those who deserve Paradise’. And then HE stroke upon his back with HIS left hand and took out the rest of his progeny and said ‘They are created for Hell, and will be doing deeds of those who deserve Hell.’ A companion asked “O Messenger! Then what is a deed for?” The Prophet S.A.S replied ‘ When Allah creates a Man for Paradise, he facilitates for him to do deeds of the people of Paradise, till he dies on those deeds so that Allah makes him enter Paradise for those deeds. And When Allah creates a Man for Hell, he facilitates for him to do deeds of the people of Hell, till he dies on those deeds so that Allah makes him enter Hell for those deeds.

When Adam dwelt in Paradise, He wandered alone as he had no partner in whom he could seek comfort. However, Once he slept and when he woke up he found a woman sitting near his head, whom Allah has created from His ribs. Adam asked her, ‘What are you?’ She replied, ‘I am a Woman’  He asked her again, ‘What are you created for?’ She replied, ‘So you could seek comfort in me’. Angels who were well aware of the knowledge of Adam asked him, ‘What is her name O Adam?’ He said, ‘Hawwa’. They asked him ‘Why is it Hawwa?’ Adam replied: Because she was created out of a living object. She was created from the smallest rib of his left side while he was sleeping, and then that empty place was filled with flesh. – As narrated by Suddi through Abu Salih and Ibn Mas’ud and also from other companions.

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