Ramadan 1430 AH

Posted on: Monday, August 24, 2009

Masjid-Al-Haram: (Picture source)

Once again Mahsallah its that time of the year when Muslims all over the globe are bonded together by the unseen thread of deity and worship. Its now in the month of Ramadan that Allah S.W.T’s mercy takes over his anger, the gates of Jannah (Paradise) are widely opened and the gates of Hell are closed; Iblis (Satan) is chained, no more allowed to pester believers with his evil whisperings.

It is believed that when a fasting believer supplicates to Allah S.W.T with pure heart and sheer dedication, his dua will be accepted by Allah S.W.T. Fasting does not just correspond to staying away from food and ill habits; but to gain a self control over oneself which is always encouraged and needed in Islam. As long as a believer fasts, he/she should absorb himself in Zikr of Allah S.W.T, in recitation and remembrance of Allah S.W.T with a humble heart.

Understanding the fact that blessed are we to live through yet an other month of mercy, we should try to gain as much as we can out of it. Seek forgiveness for yourself, as well as for your loved ones; ask for a better life here and in the hereafter; Beg for strength and courage; pray for good health and happiness; call for strong relations build solely on love; ask for pious and humble children; beseech for respect and humbleness and lastly, remember all your Muslim friends in your prayers.

Ramadan Mubarak .. wishing you all a blessed Ramadan !!!

A little something for those interested in knowing more about Ramadan and fasting. Attached is a booklet created by a sister in hopes of reaching more and more Muslims; May Allah bless her for her effort Ameen

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6 Responses to "Ramadan 1430 AH"

Ramadan mubarak to you too Maryam. A beautiful write up!

Ramadhan Mubarak, sis!

I’m trying to reinstall Adobe Reader just to read that booklet. Hehe.

Ramadan mubarak to you as well.

Have a great happy blessed ramadan dearie 😀

A belated Ramadaan Kareen to you. I pray that this month is filled with countless blessings and a myriad of good deeds. 🙂

I hope the end of Ramadan will be the beginning of all blessings and a righteous life for all muslims. I hope you will accept my humble invitation to my own blogs.



Turgay Evren

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