I am so spiteful now!

Posted on: Monday, August 10, 2009

Much happened this month in my life, an eventful month dareIsay of my life! It was one event that really did catch me off-gaurd and threw me off my comfort level in an instance. This summer I had the fortunate experience of working as a teacher in a summer camp, which provided me with ample experience and a little insight on how schools work here in Toronto; along with a little something I would have managed to exist without !!!

So, It was a friday which translates to an enjoyable all expense paid visit to either of cool places in Toronto. It doesn’t necessarily mean enjoyable to us too, keeping in mind how we literally have to hover around kids guarding and protecting them .. Anyways, I was sitting with a bunch of kids when one my class kids cracked a joke, a joke which did leave me laugh out loud .. And bam! Unknowingly, I seemed to commit a crime against mankind!! 😦

A little girl’s eye started at me, burning through my soul seemed to question something, I dint quite understand what when I decided to ask her and ‘Why did you just laugh’ came her question in a meek little but shrill voice. It took me some minutes to regroup myself and gather up before I asked ‘Why, Dint you just hear a joke?’ ‘Well! Of course I did but why did you laugh?’ Did I hear her right ??!! ‘What’s wrong with me laughing’ I asked ? ‘Teachers aren’t supposed to laugh’ she reported in her angry little voice, with sheer disapproval twined through it. What!!! was all that came to my mind ..’Of course we laugh, we are just humans like you remember?’ I answered, not quite trusting my voice .. She pouted and left me totally baffled and HURT!

This experience left me sad and heart-broken really 😦 , Whatever happened to the little respect that we are worth of ?? I am frankly so pissed and spiteful right now that I find myself questioning my career choice .. !!!

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3 Responses to "I am so spiteful now!"

Omg no way…i think she has this image of how teachers are supposed to act around students:/ don’t let it get to you hun…i think your very daring and it is a wonderful thing to teach kids and so very rewarding…don’t give up now sis:)

Kidz!! thats like when u find ur teacher shopping at the mall and ur surprized just for that one moment:P

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