The story of ‘Uzayr

Posted on: Sunday, July 12, 2009

Uzayr, a man from the Children of Israel was walking through the village of Jerusalem after Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it and killed its people, the roofs and walls of the houses of which were crumbled down to the ground. `Uzayr stood contemplating about what had happened to that city, after a great civilization used to inhabit it. He said, ‘Oh! How will Allah ever bring it to life after its death‘ (Surah Al Bakara # 258) because of the utter destruction he saw and the implausibility of its returning to what it used to be. Allah said, ‘So Allah caused him to die for a hundred years, then raised him up (again)‘ (#259)

The city was rebuilt seventy years after the man (`Uzayr) died, and its inhabitants increased and the Children of Israel moved back to it. When Allah resurrected `Uzayr after he died, the first organ that He resurrected were his eyes, so that he could witness what Allah does with him, how He brings life back to his body. When his resurrection was complete, Allah said to him, meaning through the angel, ‘How long did you remain (dead)” He (the man) said: “(Perhaps) I remained (dead) a day or part of a day‘. (#259)

The scholars said that since the man died in the early part of the day and Allah resurrected him in the latter part of the day, when he saw that the sun was still apparent, he thought that it was the sun of that very day. He said, ‘Or part of a day. ” He said: ‘Nay, you have remained (dead) for a hundred years, look at your food and your drink, they show no change.’ (# 259).He had grapes, figs and juice, and he found them as he left them; neither did the juice spoil nor the figs become bitter nor the grapes rot. ‘And look at your donkey!’ (# 259), “How Allah brings it back to life while you are watching’. ‘ And thus We have made of you a sign for the people that Resurrection occurs’ (# 259).

`Uzayr observed the bones of his donkey, which were scattered all around him to his right and left, and Allah sent a wind that collected the bones from all over the area. Allah then brought every bone to its place, until they formed a full donkey made of fleshless bones. Allah then covered these bones with flesh, nerves, veins and skin. Allah sent an angel who blew life in the donkeys’ nostrils, and the donkey started to bray by Allah’s leave.” All this occurred while `Uzayr was watching, and this is when he proclaimed, ‘He said, “I know (now) that Allah is able to do all things‘ (# 259) meaning, “I know that, and I did witness it with my own eyes. Therefore, I am the most knowledgeable in this matter among the people of my time.”

We all believe Allah is capable of such, but reading so still sends chills. Doesnt it ? All praise are due on Allah, The Almighty, The Merciful.

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3 Responses to "The story of ‘Uzayr"

It does send chills.. it does indeed!

SubhanAllah, this is a new story for me. JazakAllah khair for sharing!

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