The precious gem – Women

Posted on: Friday, June 26, 2009

In recent times, have come across many sites talking about how women are exploited and are burdened by laws laid down by Islam. I was ashamed reading them, mostly because I myself am a woman, a strong willed dare I say. Islam is the purest of all religions, the true one indeed, all the believers of which are to assured of them being justified no matter what before Allah if they are/were truthful. ‘How then, are women such-and-such’ was the first thought that evaded my sleep and peace. It cannot be, just cannot be. Allah cannot burden women as claimed by some, He created women with the same hands he created men with, He breathed soul in them just as he did to men, He will decide their eternal fate just as he will of men. Why then, this claim ?

I had to find evidence, to help both me and all the women of the shameful life they must have had led out of such claims. Even the western world declares that men and women are different from each other, Although sharing the same biological name ‘Homo-sapiens’ their similarities end right there. We don’t mind much when the western world says so, do we ? Only when Muslims claim the same, we are considered to have a religion which is partial to men?

A woman of Islam is said to cover herself up from the eyes of stranger men. One way, the rightful way of saying that is a woman is a precious gem, the entitlement of which is only given to her parents and husband. She hides her beauty from hungry eyes and opens up only for her husband. But, the other (evil) way of looking at it is that a woman of Islam is denied the same existence as men of roaming freely without a black cloth covering him head to toe. And sadly, that’s the way world looks at it. Think hard, When a christian nun covers the same body parts as a Muslimah, she is praised for her rightfulness and devotion to her lord, I bet you the same is felt whenever their eyes sees a Muslimah ??!!

In Islam, a woman is allowed to choose a husband of her liking as long as he himself is a believer. If she is forced into marrying someone not of her choice, she possess the right to dissolve the marriage and marry by her choice. Ponder awhile, which religion gives such a right to women ? My Islam does.

Whatever money a woman makes as long as it is by lawful means, she alone  secures the right to spend it the way of her choosing. Although married, she remains the rightful owner of her money, not a penny of which can be taken without her permission. If she wishes to spend her money doing such-and-such as long as its done in halal way, she needn’t seek her husband permission nor content. Wouldnt that be accounted for freedom people ??

These are to name a few of the privileges Islam bestows on women. I strongly urge every women out there to make peace with the fact that we aren’t the same as men, We are given some rights over men just as men are given some over us, but the essence of our creation remains the same. Perform good deeds, competing for reward from Allah and targeting Jannah as the main goal of our lives. A woman is just as same as a man, but a man is given a degree of authority over us. Islam doesn’t asks a man to rule over his woman, but it is rather inferred by some of men. The certain degree of authority granted to them over us is much misused than respected, the result of which can be seen and heard quite often in the society.

Islam does not allow neither does it encourage such acts. It is onto men of today to take the responsibility to correct the picture of men in Islam and give women their due respect. In hope we abide therein !!!

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7 Responses to "The precious gem – Women"

great post, sister. Yes, most people don’t realize how many rights women have in Islam, and they were given those rights overnight, unlike many women in history who had to suffer for years and years to just start at the beginning.

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Beautifully written Maryam. Indeed women in Islam are superior than women in any other religioun alhamdulillah. Proud to be a Muslimah.

nice post maryam, totally agree with Mona 🙂

Maryam…nice post as always 🙂 and very rightly put.
Men and women are entirely different creatures so they can not be compared. They have different responsibilities just like any other creation.
Islam is the first religion that gave a common woman right to marry under a written contract and to put any condition she wants to. On top of it the right of inheritance.
Women who cry about ‘suppression’ in Islam don’t even realize that in the ‘ free’ world men use them to sell even cigarette, motorbikes etc.
I think now a days the shortest path to fame is to criticize Islam and thats what a lot of people do.

Wasn’t Islam the first religion that gave women more rights? Did people forget how women were so badly treated before Muhammad (saw) came with Allah’s Revelation?

Nicely written, sis! MashaAllah. 🙂

i’m over a year late to the discussion but still..
nicely written but to me it all comes down to nothing when you husband has a god given right to discipline you as per sura 4:34.
of course Islam gave women a lot of rights in 6th century Arabia but the question is whether in modern world they are still standing and can be considered as just.

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