Love them or Hate them

Posted on: Friday, June 12, 2009

Followed by the wonderful encounters I have had with my non-muslim friends, mostly clearing the dust about Islam;Β  I have had some rather sad issues with my Muslim friends.

We cant really blame non-believers, can we ? They are totally unaware of the grave dangers they would be associated with on the Day of Resurrection. Even Quran states that ‘If only they knew, they would have saved themselves from their would-be plight’. But what be said about Muslims, who happen to know all about Islam yet behave as they would rather not .. ??!!

I maybe a sinful believer, but I do alhamdululillah offer my prayers on time sanctioned by Allah. However, my not-so believer friends prefer otherwise. I often try to drag them along with me to the masjid but it always amazes me the vague excuses they could come up with each time.

I honestly have no problem with that, I advice them to come with me to the Masjid and ask them to fulfill their covenant to Allah but there ends my responsibility on them. I cant force them to do so, Can just suggest and guide them. But, what annoys me are the questions such behavior attracts from my non-believer friends. ‘Aren’t everyone of you supposed to offer prayers ? How come some of you do so and some of you don’t ? Are some people exempted from offering prayers ? Do everyone have a different appointed time to offer prayers ?’ All such questions are innocent one’s coming from a non-believer but what we need to realize is the pathetic example we set before them. We wish night and day that world finally recognize our religion and give its due respect, but why would they when we ourselves are busy disrespecting it ??? Ya Allah!!!

I love my sisters in Islam, but I also hate some of them for such unacceptable behaviour … 😦

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5 Responses to "Love them or Hate them"

Hate is a strong word maryam.
Nice post though. πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, it\’s a widespread problem nowadays – but it shows that da\’wah is not only for non-Muslims; there\’s also an important act of da\’wah to Muslims as well – especially those who are captivated and submerged in the attractions of today\’s world.

There\’s lots of ways to do da\’wah, but it should always be with wisdom and good words (as the Quran says).

I\’m no expert at all, and wish i had more courage when it comes to da\’wah, but i have some thoughts picked up from what i\’ve heard and experienced:

Because individualism and selfishness is rife today, we should try to tailor our efforts – our approach – to answer the question: \”What\’s in it for me?\”.

Ultimately, that\’s what can make a big impact, insha-Allah: Making Islam, ibadah, and everything that comes with it – RELEVANT to the person you\’re trying to convince.

May Allah assist us all in these efforts.

First off, Salaam alaykom sis. I found your blog from the comment you posted on Umm Omar’s post. πŸ™‚

About the Muslims trying to give excuses for not following us, urgh yeah. Been there done that. All we can ever do is invite and leave the rest to Allah. We could also direct questions from the non-muslims to those who do not pray, maybe that would get them to think about it, inshaAllah.

Mina .. Jazakallah hon πŸ™‚

Ghazal .. Alrighty, lets stick with not-so-love then. But trust me, the annoyance makes you sometimes hate them … !! 😦

Dreamlife .. You are right, Daw’ah is not just for non-believer it is for people like us also. Just because we are born as Muslim doesn’t alone qualify us to be a resident of Jannah, we have to make ourselves worth it.
May Allah bless his tawfiq on people discusses here and us all.

Adib .. Jazakallah for visiting my blog.
You know the irony, the girl I am talking about raises questions just before my Muslim friend. It breaks my heart each time but my friend just smiles and wards off her questions.
some people have a hard hears I suppose 😦

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