Idris A.S

Posted on: Monday, June 8, 2009

After Adam A.S and Seth (Adam’s son), Idris A.S was the first man to be sent as Prophet, peace be upon them all. Allah has praised Idris A.S and described him as a prophet and truthful. Ibn Ishaq also mentions that Idris A.S was the first man to use a pen. He was born while Adam A.S was yet to live three hundred and eight years of his life.

Ibn Jarir narrated from Hilal bin Yasaf saying: Ibn Abbas asked Ka’b while I was present there: ‘What is meant when Allah said: And We raised him high in heaven?’ (Surah Maryam, # 57) Ka’b replied, ‘Allah revealed to Idris A.S: ‘I would raise for you every day the same amounts of deeds as of all Adam’s children’ – perhaps meaning of his time only So Idris wanted to increase his deeds and devotion. A friend of him from angels visited him and Idris said to him: ‘Allah has revealed to me such and such, so could you please speak to the angel of death, So I could increase my deeds’. The angel carried him on his wings and went up high into the heaven. When it was the forth heaven they met the angel of death descending to the earth. The angel spoke to him about what Idris had spoken to him before. The angel of death asked, ‘But where is Idris?’ Upon which the angel replied, ‘He is upon my back’. The angel of death replied ‘How astonishg! For I have been asked to Allah to seize his soul on the forth heaven, I kept thinking how I could seize it in the forth heaven when he was on the earth?‘ Then he took his soul there out of his body and that is meant by the above verse: And We raised him high in the heaven.

Although little is said and known about him in Quran and Ahadith, He is our prophet who descended on earth carrying the same message as every other, To believe in Allah and Allah alone and to guide his people to submitting themselves to Allah, the All Mighty.

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2 Responses to "Idris A.S"

Allah bless you for sharing excerpts of quran and Ahadith with us so often … once I was so interested to know more about Hadhrat Idriss AS .. but somehow very few relations on him can be found.

May Allah give us strength and power to follow the sunnah of prophets and of our beloved Hadhrat Muhammad saww.

ps: and I see you are upto some marvelous reading again … would love to read reviews from you too 🙂 Hows university going?

There really are very few revelations on him to be found. I admit the book that I have, has so little about him I had nothing to decide between what to write and what to leave.
Nonetheless, Am glad to have known whatever is known about him

I have been upto some serious reading now that I have a break from school. Uni is going good, but its vacation time now .. So no school will september 😉

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