A home, far from home ..

Posted on: Thursday, June 4, 2009

With ‘Slumdog Millionare’, a movie based on India bagging 12 Oscars, I should have been pretty excited. I don’t say I am not, but surely not as much as an I would have had been otherwise. I brainstormed a lot to figure out the reason and luckily I dint had to look around much. I figured its not the success of this movie that annoys me but not-to-success of the other ones that I believe were far more deserving.

Anyone ever heard ‘Lukka chuppi’ from Rang De Basanti or ‘Yeh jo des hai mera’ from Swades, understands my pain here. You pretty much find slums everywhere in India, Infact you probably wont even need to search for one, for they will be wherever you choose to look at; but what you would also find is deep patriotism running in each India’s heart, the wish to reform its country and take an intiative to help make a better tomorrow. And in what a  beautiful way is such India portrayed in movies like Swades and Rang De Basanti. I haven’t even for once been able to watch either of these movies without crying, Its hard not to when such sincerity and truth is a part of it. Not that I don’t like Solumdog millionare, I love it and mostly the work of A.R.Rahman of creating such beautiful tracks for the movie.

I bet you would cry listening to ‘Yeh jo des hai mera’ track from Swades no matter how many times you must have already heard it. The melodious tune, the heart touching lyrics, the believable plot itself which would melt each Indian’s heart, filling it with remorse, remorse of having leaving it at first place. A person away from home understands the importance of his home, much better than someone living in his own country. If I am to be asked if I would have felt the same attachment as I have towards these movies have I been living in India ?? The answer would be a blunt No !!! I have decided to stay here leaving India, the price for which I pay almost every day. Rang de basanti and Swades have been my favorites ever since, Simply loved their spirit: young people taking initiatives to fight against the hard-to-be-broken yet disgusting laws to make India the India we all would die to see and be a part of.

Would have been estatic to have seen these movies gain worlwide acknowledgment, as the situation applies not only to Indians, but every such soul who is far from his/her home country. Wouldnt you agree ?? *sigh*

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7 Responses to "A home, far from home .."

Aptly said.

Actually lukka chuppi makes me teary-eyed almost always … and then there’s Taare Zameen Par … with songs like Maa. Movies with causes somehow dont really get ‘international’ acknowledgment. RDB and Swades were so finally executed too … what can be said now 😐

Swades is probably my favourite Indian movie. And I absolutely love the song from it, “Ye jo desh hai mera…”

i really liked swades aswell, an i think rang de basanti shouldve had much more recognition then they got

Slumdog did not ‘bag’ 12 oscars .. in fact no movie has yet bagged 12. Titanic, Ben Hur & LOTR:ROTK have all recieved the highest which is 11.

Slumdog did not even bag 12 nominations so I dont know where the 12 came from?

The only cheer from me during Slumdog’s oscar wins was when AR Rahman won two. Other than that I am happy that a movie like this gained some global traction. Even though better movies like Swades have existed in the past, they didnt stand the chance of becoming a global phenomenon because:
1. They didnt have a hollywood studio backing them
2. It wasnt directed by hollywood director on a career comeback
3. It wasnt a love story (see Titanic)
4. It wasnt controversial
5. I can go on more ..

Asma … I agree 100% , what can be said now .. Everything’s been already said and done :-(, I guess this is what they call a hard reality .. !!

Mummyjaan .. I knew it!! Always believed Swades is just as much liked as me, by others as well.

Imaan .. *nods vigorously* 🙂

NA .. Alright, my bad .. Not 12 but 8 Oscars, although you are missing my point. This post wasn’t written so to brag about the number of Oscars won but about the unfairness of it all.
Since when are Oscars given to movies that portray love stories ? I mean, Dint Gandhi (1982) and Lord of the Rings (2003) etc made its way to Oscars ? And I remember ‘Rang de Basanti’ was surrounded in its fair share of controversies .. such reasons doesn’t give a ticket to Oscars, Do they ?? !!! 🙂

No, I was just factually correcting you on the number of the oscar wins by Slumdog.

Regarding love stories, I was trying to make a point that love stories have a better shot at becoming global phenomenon.

Rang De Basanti was controversial but within India, which is inconsequential in the global landscape.

Yes, Love stories do seem to have a shot at been acknowledged worldwide .. But still I believe ‘Rang de basanti’ was a lot better than Slumdog, wasnt it ?

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