Last Breath ..

Posted on: Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My results will be posted in some days inshallah .. Wow !! I deserve a party aftermath; The weather seems just fine for a barbecue this weekend, lets have a Barbecue; Have been drooling over a couple of recipes, I will try them sometime this week inshallah; Oh … !! I have to pray, will pray for sure before the time for next salaat …

This is pretty much how my day went today, chain of thoughts continued; one followed by the other. But wait.. !! I totally forgot to consider a thing while planning so many things, a thing which could change the whole picture upside down. What if I die ?? Have I done something worthwhile which will hopefully save me from Hell Fire ? How many prayers have I missed and never even asked forgiveness for ? Are my hands, tongue, legs all going to testify against me or for me ? Have I fulfilled the covenant I along with every Muslim made to Allah ? Will I be able to cross the bridge and enter Jannah for will I be shamed by falling into the fire, the fire so mighty and torturous .. May Allah us all from it.

Think hard people, when was the last time you remembered and feared death ? We walk around making promises to be fulfilled tomorrow, but did the uncertainty of it ever hit us ? Allah has ordered us all to remember and fear death, for that alone could make a person humble. I maybe quite a name in this world, but we all stand equal before Allah differentiated only by our deeds. In which hand do we wish to to be given our book of deeds on the day of Judgement .. In the right hand just like the fortunate one’s were given before been guided to Jannah ? Or in the left hand like those unfortunate ones whose faces turned black, and deep humiliation engulfs them while been dragged to Hell ?

In such a hard paced life, we rarely remember death, a fate which no one can escape .. I want to share with you all a video which I caution you, will tear you inside out, filling your heart with deep compassion and gratitude that its not too late for you yet and still could direct your life to the path leading to Allah’s approval and happiness. I bet you would be left just as speechless as I was, with my cheeks wet with tears .. This video can be taken up as a reminder, that as uncertain is the time of death, so is our fate, the decision of which could be taken now, right now !!!

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4 Responses to "Last Breath .."

Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for writing. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your posts.

There were couple of times in life when I had real close call….the last one in a city ( and country) where I was completely stranger and no one knew me. At those moments I truly realized how fragile is our life…one moment you are here and the next you are nothing. But life does offer attractions that make you forget your next life. Once when I came back from graveyard I told myself ” you don’t want to move even to suburbs because you like the hustle bustle of life but one day they may bury you miles away …where you will be alone and answerable”.
Allah bless us all with a real muslim’s life and Jannah after that. 🙂
Thanks for the reminder.

Yes, JazakAllah khair for the reminder.

Healthy Diet … Jazakallah

Zios … So true, We always oversee how vulnerable human really is. It would take less than a second for our lives to change if Allah wills and yet we ignore the same.
Ameen to your duas.

Tauqeer … Jazakallah 🙂

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