Coming back Home ..

Posted on: Monday, February 16, 2009

It was Friday and had to rush as soon as the class left to grab the oppurtunity to offer Jummah in congregation. Having done my Wudhu sooner, I took a seat in the Masjid. Looking around I saw some familiar faces and exchanged our regular salaams and duas, when my eye caught her face. I could hear the Imam getting ready to start with Khutba and I turned around forgetting all about her face. With the khutba finsihed and the Iqaamat said, we all got up and moved closer to each other to offer Salaat, when I hear a voice asking the girl nearby to move closer to her which I was sure belonged to the face I saw earlier.

We finished our Salaat and many of the girls grabbed their bags and rushed to their classes while some who were done for the day were not in much of a hurry, like me. I saw a group of girls talking animatedly exactly where I saw that face,  Curiosity took over me and I moved a little closer to them to know exactly who took their attention and then mine.

Such radiating beauty, such humbleness in her voice had to belonged to only a revert, which indeed she was. I have never seen a revert and not recognized them with their radiating beauty on their face, and she was no exception. “I was a chrsitian earlier” she replied upon being asked about her journey to Islam. She continued ” I was always intrigued with your ways of praising your creator and the urgency to compete for good deeds, and the discomfort on your faces when for some reason you couldn’t offer your Salat. I was been drawn towards the beauty of Islam  so much that I ended up finding resources which could enlighten me more about Islam. The more I knew about it, the more I was assured of what I was going to do. I had to be a Muslim, I had to be the one whose head bows in prostation before Allah, I had to be one of you, I had been shown the correct path and Mashallah ! Blessed am I to be shown this path by none other than Allah !!!”

It was enough to make my day. I was so happy to see yet an another person making back to the true religion; a feeling very similar to coming back home … Only much better .. 🙂    All praises are due on Allah, on whom we are just humble servants ..

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10 Responses to "Coming back Home .."

Great post, made my day!

Your writing gives me goosebumps Maryam. It is very motivational. Keep up the good work.

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alhamdulillah ..syukron with your posting.

keep up the great work..misssing your posts especailly about quran..

Salaam sweety, long time no post, missing u loads, hope your university goin gr8, all the best. Take Care 🙂

well to answer the question, yeah I like the blog, especially the template/teme, very nice to the eyes, subdue and melt my liking.

Kudos for the theme designer for a job well done. Well done to you too for picking the right one ;p.


beautiful 🙂

come back soon plz :>

As Salamu alaykum wa rahmathullah,

Firstly I ask forgiveness if this post/comment offends you/concept of ur website. I am a muslimah who has been

accepted to IlmSummit 2009 and in desperate need of financial aid. Pl help me either by supporting financially

/spreading the word insha Allah. Pls visit– http://help2ilmsummit.wordpress.com/ for sadaqa -e jariya insha ALlah. I
pray that Allah make it easy and beneficial for all the Ummah bi’idhnillah. Jazakumullah Khayr.

wa Salam,
Sister in Islam

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