Dear Gaza, … With Love

Posted on: Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All along I thought I had a difficult life, I mourned sometimes and sometimes I questioned my Lord !! Just when I was growing more and more ungrateful I came across a thing which I wish never would have had existed, just hearing about it made me shudder and could feel sweat soaking up my palms. Sometimes I wonder .. Have I just seen an image of Hell on Earth ??

What is it that made me draw such a huge conclusion “An Image of Hell on Earth” ??? Its my fellow Muslims sufferings that has forced me to this, What of their crime are they been punished of, nothing but having born as a Muslim and in Palestine. A piece of land suddenly holds such a great importance that the price paid for it doesnt matter anymore. Land at the cost of Humanity ?? What a fair deal that really is ??

How can a human not understand a mothers spite when she moves around collecting the chunks of her once son’s handsome body ?? How can a human look into an innocent orphan’s questioning and accusing eye and not fall in forgiveness ? How and when has Humanity died ?? How can a human not sympathize with the grieve of a newly wed wife, having had to see her young husband dying before her own eyes ? When have people mutated into monsters ??

This is certainly not the world I have once known, the one I wished were true. Night and day my muslim brothers and sisters are brutally killed and tortured, the Images of which are proudly distributed among the world as of to boast of their capabilities !!! We pray for you Palestine, and We have firm faith that Allah will send you respite and that day shall be of our rejoice. Ameen.

I cry .. once not for myself, I pray .. once not for my loved ones, I wait for Allah’s orders .. once not for my own self, I believe .. once and for all in Allah, the Almighty and the Most Merciful to grant my fellow muslims refuge and their share of happiness and rewards.

Please pray for them people, pray for my dear muslim brothers and sisters. May Allah grant them all Jannat-e-Firdous. Ya Allah Reham, Madat !!  Ameen.

Please Read: One of the Sisters is trying to collect aids to help the people of Gaza in their time of need. Please donate generously as much as your capabilities hold in hope to receive a much better and humble reward from Allah in the hereafter. Check it out here :

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7 Responses to "Dear Gaza, … With Love"

I iwsh I had a mgic wand and there would just be peace on earth. I wish and pray that may Allah ease the exam on our Muslim brothers.

May Allah (swt) grant jannat ul firdous to all the gaza martyrs,and all are muslims brothers and sisters prays for all the palestine mulslims..ameen

Excellent post, indeed may Allah swt shower His divine mercy and blessings on both martyrs and survivors of Gaza.

knowledge is indeed powerfull, enlighten us against ignorant.

knowledge is indeed powerfull, it enlighten us against ignorant, thus it mean a lot..

As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

Jazaki’Allahu khair for letting others know about the project, very much appreciated.

Hope I get to see you soon! 😀 insha’Allah.

Love Farhana

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