Signs of The Hour: Part II

Posted on: Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Continued from here

Evil People will be expelled from Al-Madinah: The Hour will not be established until the city of Al-Madinah expels its evil people just as the bellows expel impurities from iron. Then the city of Al-Madinah will be left to be populated by whatever people of good there are remaining.

Three Earthquakes in Al-Madinah: Al-Madinah will be shaken will three successive earthquakes. When this happens, every hypocrite and disbeliever will leave the city.

Appearance of Ad-Dajjal: There is no creature of Adam until the establishment of the Hour that is greater than the Dajjal. Every Prophet warned his followers about him. Prophet S.A.S used to seek refuge with Allah from in in every prayer.Dajjal would appear from the direction of east. People will flee from him into Mountains, and he will travel through the earth. Dajjal will not leave any land except that he will enter it, except for Meccah and Madinah. For verily Allah has forbiden him from entering them. There will be angels gaurding every path that leads to these two cities.

Delusions of Dajjal: Verily, Dajjal is a great trial. He will have with him two flowing rivers. One of them will appear to the eye as flowing white water, and the other will appear to eye as if it were blazing fire. Our Prophet S.A.S advised his Ummah who comes across this, should go to the river whcih appears to be fire. He should then immerse himself in it, lower his head into it and drink from it, for verily it will be the cool water and the river which appears as water will actually be burning fire.

The Dajjal will stay for 40 days, during which one month will be like a year, a week like a month and a day like a week. His speed in transversing through the land will be like rain that is driven by a strong wind.

He will be a large bodied, young, white man with a distinctly protruding forehead and a broad chest. He will have a lot of curly hair on his head and will be blind in one eye, which would appear as a floating grape. He will have written between his eyes the word Kafir (disbeliever), which every believer literate or not would be able to read.

Eesa (Jesus) descends in Damascus: When Dajjal will appear, no one will be saved from him except a small number of believers. Easa bin Maryam will descend in the eastern part of Damascus at the place of white Minaret. The believing servants of Allah will gather around him and he will go with them seeking the Messiah of Misguidance. At the time of Easa A.S descend, Dajjal will be heading towards Jerusalam and Easa A.S will meet him at the gate of Ludd in Palestine and will kill him with his spear, and Dajjal’s followers will be defeated.

Cool Breeze from the direction of Syria: Easa A.S will remain on earth for seven years. Allah will then send a cool breeze from the direction of Syria. This breeze will not leave upon the face of the earth anyone in whose heart there  will be even an atom’s weight of good or faith, except that it will cause him to die. After this, the Hour will be established.

The sun will rise from the West: The Sun will rise from its setting place in the west and when it does, the people will see it and all will believe in Allah. But that will be a time when no persons faith will benefit him who did not believe before, or earn any good by doing righteous deeds according to Faith.

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7 Responses to "Signs of The Hour: Part II"

ah yes…SubhanAllah…may Allah make us part of the group He likes and plans to forgive…

Salams maryam your back to blogging ? coool !!


Maryam…Thanks for putting it up there.
Extreme thanks to Allah who gave birth as believers…I always pray May Allah guide us in this world on right path and takes us away from here as believers ( Ameen ).

Jazak Allah Khair for the post. May Allah (SWT) save us all from the fitna of Dajjal, and may we all be in the group of righteous. Ameen!

Tag your it…

see my blog.

Sun will rise from west

can relate to the now!

thanks for sharing this information.

its time that we should start evaluating our self, the final hour isn’t tht far =|

God Bless all the Muslim Ummah!

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