Signs of the Hour … Part I

Posted on: Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The world is bound to come to an end, Every creature is destined to die just as he was destined to born. Faith in the Last Day and what it contains of rewards and punishments is one of the pillars of Islam.Blessed are those who die as Believers, and May Allah guide those who still haven’t received perceived the reason of their existence.

There is no way for anyone to know the exact time of the Hour – The Judgement Day, But there certainly are some signs for every Believer to remember and seek guidance from. It was really fascinating to read about them, to cling on to some indications that Allah has allowed for his people to understand and save themselves from the fitnah accompanied by it.

Coming of the Prophet S.A.S: Verily, from the signs of the Hour was the advent of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.S. It has been confirmed from him that he said: “The hour and I were sent together and it almost preceded me (due to its closeness) “.

Increased Number of Earthquakes: From the signs of the Final Hour is an increased number of earthquakes and the sinking of the earth occurring in the east, the west, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Time Will Pass Quickly: Also, the time will become shorter. A year will be like a month, a month will be like a week, a week will be like a day, a day will be like an hour and an hour will be like burning of a dried palm leaf (i.e. a matter of seconds)

Gog and Magog People will appear: The people of Gog (Ya’juj) and Magog (Ma’juj) will come out. It is recorded in the two Sahihs from Zainab bint Jahsh that the Messenger of  Allah entered her house one day terrified. He said, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah. Woe to the Arabs due to the evil that is approaching. Today a hole has opened in the barrier of the people of Gog and Magog like this (and he made a circle with his thumb and index finger).

Aboandonment of Knowledge: Also, from its signs is that knowledge will decrease and ignorance will appear, so much so that people will not even know the obligatory aspects of Islam. The prophet S.A.S said, ‘Islam will fade away like the fading of embroidery on a garment. This will continue until it will not be known what is fasting, prayer, pilgrimage rites or charity. The Book of Allah will be removed during one night and there will not remain on the face of earth a single verse of it. There will remain a group amongst the people who will be extremely old and they will say ‘We found our fathers adhering to this word – None has the right to be worshiped but Allah – therefore we say it as well.

Lying and False Prophets: With the approach of the Final Hour, lying and deceit will increase. Approximately thirty deceivers and liars will appear and each of them will claim to be a prophet.

Love of the Worlds will flourish: The necks of human beings will be stretched out towards the worldly things. The people will compete in building tall buildings and they will turn away from the religion of Allah.

……    Coming Up Part II

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5 Responses to "Signs of the Hour … Part I"

oh yes…the signs are evident as time goes by…its not too far…maybe its our generation which will be the last or maybe the next…

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thanks for sharing Maryam. jazak Allah

It’s pretty frightening when you realize that a lot of the signs have come to past or are happening now.

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