Just In Time ..

Posted on: Friday, December 19, 2008

Now that alhamdulillah I am finally done with my semester, I am left with ample time to spare which otherwise was nothing less than a luxurious dream .. 😉 .  It took me just some minutes to scroll through the library catalouge and scan for the latest books available/released. Not that Twilight (shown in my sidebar) is a latest novel, but Hey! better late than never, Right ?? 🙂

untitledAlso, I am totally ecstatic that SISTERS have released their Winter Issue. (WOW!! I dint knew it was up already .. 😉 ) Topping that Naima (The editor of SISTERS Magazine) sent me a print version of this Issue. For all who would love to get a  peek of it, I have something for you in my sidebar, Click on the Magazine cover to get a free download of the sample of Winter Issue and if anyone’s interested (which I am hoping you would be) email me and I will look into sending you the full print version of Winter’s Issue inshallah.

And what up with all you guys ?? Fill me in, Will ya ??


I have had a request from a Muslimah, which I was not able to look into for obvious reasons, Following is her message that she wanted me to write on her behalf. May Allah bless and reward their team for working so hard only for the sake of Allah.

Understand QURAN – the Easy Way – FREE

Learn Quranic Arabic, word by word translation of Quran, Quranic Grammar.

Take up the short course -last for less than 20 mins a day.
(We have spent more time on worldly education)

click here — courses — short course — Language

Only English language course have full set.
Available in many languages.

Download slides (PPS/PPT) files and the respective audio (mp3)/video (wmv) files. – Listen audio while viewing slides.

For Children:
Click here — courses — children — language.

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6 Responses to "Just In Time .."

Thanx for the reminder…and the links:)

Well went to see the Twlight movie last night which was such a huge dissapointment:( though I still havent read the books, my lil sis is such a big fan of the books, she was also dissapointed hmmm…

maybe the other films will be better:P

I might start getting round to reading the books, though they say the book is always better than the film.

Its GOOD to have you back Sweet Maryam 🙂

Yo you are back you are back…

*does a monkey dance for a change*


And downloads Sister mag 🙂

Salaams Sis:

I would LOVE to have a print version. They are extremely expensive coming from the UK 😦

Is there a way to get the print versions here in the US?

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