Maryam Hibernates …

Posted on: Wednesday, October 15, 2008

With my Midterms on my head and many many assignments and Lab reports to finish before the deadlines … I almost feel I am racing against time … A race I am dead set to win, inshallah hoping each and every second that Allah would bless me with HIS support and guidance throughout.

I would very badly miss you all guys, But I promise I will be back in two months from now Inshallah. I am equally scared that I might loose my readers, but this is something I owe myself – Little time to excel in what I have started inshallah.

Please remember me in your prayers and Please email me any time you need me, I am never busy for my friends .. 🙂

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21 Responses to "Maryam Hibernates …"

insha’allah the exams go well sis.. just concentrate, you have left yourself with so much time masha’allah.. i was always the ‘living in the library 1month before exams’ student 😛

You are doing the right thing. Let the blog hibernate while you focus on your exams. Your readers will go elsewhere for awhile, but will welcome you back quickly and warmly!

Salaam – Insha’Allah all the hard work and studying pays off and you do well in your exams!

Absolutely, You’re exams are what’s important and the blog can wait. I’ll be here when you come back, inshaAllah.

the readers wont go…that was one thing I worry about all the time…considering I dont write as often as serious bloggers….but I am so glad that readers stay around to read whenever you are back…

everybody knows that some things are more important in life…and priorities should always be there…

all the best with exams…

A very sweet post from you, especially about being not busy for yr friends, I wish u all are very best in whatever you do and you are assured that you will always be in my prayers, Allah bless you and give you all the happiness and success. Take Care. Will miss you.

Alhamdulillah you are ok. 🙂

I look forward to reading your entries once you’re back insha’Allah. =]

awwww sis inshallah you’ll do well, take all the time you need to study…jus make sure you get back

aww .. U’ll be o missed in these two months but I wish and pray that you succeed in this new endeavor in ur life 🙂

All the best .. prayers and go study now, hush~ +p

Best of luck…May Allah be with you !

Maryam !! may allah make it easy missing you loads . I’ll email you inshallah !

assalaamu alaikum

insha’allah all goes well and the break benefits you…

much love for the sake of allah ta’ala

Best of luck dear!May Allah help you to pass out it successfully..ameen

Enshallah Allah will help you with your exams Kepp concentrate on your study and enshallah you will be success.

I will always have time for your next entry InsyaAllah, may you succeed in all the things you do!


Just ended my hibernation, can’t wait to have you back 🙂

Maryam , so sad I am back but you will be hibernating for a while. Anyways, I will pray that you will achieve your goals. 🙂 I miss you!

Enshallah Maryam you will success we all pray for you. May allah bless you always. Best of luck

Assalam-alaikam Maryam,
I hope your studies are going well insh’Allah. Although I am missing your blog (especially the book reviews), I htink it was very sensible to take a break to concentrate on your priorities. Good luck!!!

me too misses you .. but all the best dearie 🙂

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