Who Am I ?

Posted on: Monday, September 22, 2008

The other day My Beloved mother was talking to me about my days back then with them. It brought along a Huge bag of wonderful and cherishable memories But a great deal of dissappointment too. Before My dear Brothers and Sisters you start being judgmental please read further ….

Who wouldnt love to hear their Parents speak of what a wonderful kid he/she was, What a memorable time/journey they have together embarked. Before I realized I surrendered myself to its spell, I fell back remembering those days and laughed when Ma (I call my Mom as Ma) did, Of course with my throat constricting with tears … When the realization sank in .. Wait! I am not the one she is talking about ???!!!

Given the time period, I have changed a Lot. I remember not whether I noticed or sensed it happening but I for certain know now the case. I assume it wouldnt be fair to Blame life, Rather would blame myself. I wont be mentioning the traits I am talking about, But Boy! Have I changed .. !!! And Did I ever knew that I would change so drastically  ??!!!

Agreeing to the fact that we change as years progress, I wouldn’t say that I have changed for bad, But would agree that I have changed a wholesome lot. The old Me probably wouldnt recognize me, about which I am pretty sure. I now want to re-discover myself, Want to search my old self among the dusty and weathered pages of my life. I want to be the same daughter my parents know me as, the same girl Z fell in love with, the same one who eventually is Me ..

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9 Responses to "Who Am I ?"

SubhanAllah how we do change. I think about things like this too. Alhamdulillah.

maashallah !!

Life is full of stages & changes in it , whenever we look back our days it sounds grt & we may be funny at sumtimes…

nice post frm yo , made me to think abt ma past too 🙂

Oh, yes, we do change. If we could look ahead, or behind, half of us wouldn’t recognize ourselves.

However, there is a seed deep inside you that does not change. This seed generates new growth all the time. What grew before can grow again, if that is what you wish to cultivate.

I know , how very true, I often think hw with times i have changed in years, for that matter everyone changes, with allthe various experiences in each ones’ life. NIce post.

Its, nice that you recognize what you need. Also, you are very lucky that Allah subhanawataala has given you “hidayath” in your life only. Its not I am pointing you, just appreciating your deed. May Allah subhanawataala also give us such direction to live life. Requesting for dua……

Assalaamu alaikum,

Nice post sis. 🙂 Oh my, I am sure I changed a LOT too and if I sit and reminisce with mum there will be things that seem to un-ME! Alhamdu Lillah for growing and changing and maturing though as long as it’s for the good. 🙂


i think that there are bound to be traits in ones character that don’t change over time. You know how people say that your childhood sets the foundation? Perhaps ideas have changed which causes a person to change. BUt when you really look at the person on a blank sheet withougt external factors affecting them, they’re pretty much the same thing they once were.

Perhaps I didn’t make any sense there. But I think I know what I’m on about. 😀

The old maryam is still there in disguise. Its the time that wears and tears you …. the person remains the same. The soul remains the same 🙂

happy finding dear!

Its good to ask this question once in a while..from what I know of you…you’re a great person 🙂
Cheer up 🙂

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