Halal … What Is It ?

Posted on: Tuesday, September 16, 2008

After a very long pause, My Blog is active again … !!! What I mean to say is, I am back and will still continue to write inshallah although I do admit blatantly that I hardly find time to spare anymore … !!!   😦    Juggling between home, work and stuff, You get the Idea .. 😉

Now that I get to meet many people who necessarily arent Muslims, I have been posed with various questions inquiring my Religion and its ways. I never feel offensive neither do I get defensive, But I rather take this as an oppurtunity to expose their minds to the Truth of everyone’s life – Islam. A friend of mine happened to ask me about ‘Halal meat’. She started as ‘Maryam, Doesnt the recital of some Arabic words alone differentiate Halal and Non-Halal meat ?’ I wasnt expecting such a question from her to be frank but nonetheless was plesantly surprised with the horizons it opened for me to shed some light on. ‘All my Muslim friends prefer Halal meat and never otherwise, Why such a thing only for some words?’ she continued.

‘No S(her name) ! It isnt about just the recital of some words’ I said while she continued eyeing me with curiosity. I decided to say more ‘ Its the way we slaughter it that makes the difference as well. We basically are ordered to drain all the Blood from the animals body to make sure that what we eat is only Meat and not a mixture of Blood and Meat’.

‘Oh! And how does Non-Halal meat has blood with it and not Halal ? How do you Muslims do that ?’ She probed further. ‘Its like, When an animal is killed in a shocked state, his blood is freezed therefore forming some accumilations/clogs which we dont wanna eat. Slaughtering it the Halal way opens a portal for the blood to drain off and leaves only good meat behind minus the clogs and accumilations.’ I replied

‘Ah! Is it ??’ She replied but I could hear the wheels turning inside her head. Maybe she was even questioning the Chicken Burger she was lunching on … !!! Maybe Maybe not ..

What do you think ?

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13 Responses to "Halal … What Is It ?"

well…….. Halal meat is the meat of animals which r described in Quran like we can’t eat pig or things like that, or the meat of animals whihc kill their pray and eat it like lion etc….the chiken is just like all other animals… i mean it needs to be properly slaughterd to make it halal… dun u think so??? well, u know so much i suppose… quite right u were……i am really impresd!

My understanding of “halal” also encompasses the recognition that we are taking a life, with Allah’s permission, to nourish our own. Killing animals for food is not a mere physical activity for Muslims, because we use the opportunity to thank Allah for His gift of the food.

Regarding the method of slaughter which removes all blood, I think even non-halal meat does not have clots or undrained blood. I’ve cooked and eaten plenty of both, and I could never tell the difference.

To be honest, I must note that when my husband used to bring fresh meat from the halal butcher, it was more bloody than the supermarket version. The other important thing is to wash the meat to remove all traces of blood, and also to rim the pot if we are boiling the meat.

Very nice answer and quite true. There are some interesting facts on Halal meat here:


And yes, it should always be a pleasant feeling if anyone questions your religion, it gives us opportunity to express our belief and fulfill our religious duty to spread the word of Allah.

I liked the way u explained the whole thing to her 🙂


Assalaamu Alaikum

The discussion of what is halaal and what is harram is a very important one. There is so much more on this subject than what can be said in one post that I have made it it’s own category at one of my blogs:

Maasha Allaah, you have a really interesting blog. I am looking foward to reading more of your posts, insha Allaah. Perhaps we could do a link exchange?

Sincerely & Gratefully
Halimah bint David

Those questions are always tough, it’s a big responsibility but a great opportunity for dawa.

Nice one Maryam!.

I think the way things are slaughtered etc are just the physical aspects but basic thing behind Halal ( or Haram) is that whatever is allowed by Allah is Halal and what is prohibited is Haram. It is all about submission to HIM and the faith that HE is the only one who knows the logic and reason behind these things.

Allah bless and guide us all.

I think it’s great she asked and you explained thoughtfully. Hopefully she’ll have more questions that’ll lead her in the right direction 🙂

Thats a reallyreally nice post Sweet Maryam 🙂

Good answers you gave.. 😉

Good with quick thinking! I always think of the best responses after the conversation is over lol. I’ve been told some muslim butchers are slaughtering their animals, namely chickens, with electric knives..?! I’m checking with my local meat market first thing!

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i wud give full marks 2 u. u acted in the ideal manner and not the way usually religious ppl act. a lot of ppl due to their own lack of brains to think/answer put their frustration out on the other instead for not accepting them. when ppl like u give gud answers, it forces the other to think and may have an impact too. such dialogue is much much better than preaching

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[…] been quite nonexistent since awhile) knows what brought me to write about this post. Its yet an another question answered, yet a deed done in hopes of guiding someone back to Islam […]

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