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Posted on: Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Ramadhan, I yet again set a goal to learn some Surah’s inshallah (as time permits). In old times, Sahabi’s used to recite lengthy surah’s in their prayers, rather than shorter ones as we now-a-days do. We cannot learn such lengthy ones, but the least we could do is make sure than we learn some surah’s every year, and what better time than in Ramadhan ?

So, Inshallah This year I plan to learn Surah Ma’un (107) ; Surah Fi’l (105) ; Surah Humazah (104) ; Surah Takathu’r (102) and Surah Qari’ah (101) and if possible more (Although I confess I have grown insanely busy..!!! I will try my BEST inshallah and so should you all) . I would like to write the way I do this, for some may find it quite interesting and would prefer to try it, if you decide to do the same(i.e learning Quran).

Long back my teacher in Arabic advised me to learn Quran with meaning, ‘It would help you understand better what you learn and also to recollect easily through the meaning, if in case you happen to forget the verse/word’ he would say in his shaky voice. I still live by that advise and memorize Quran with meaning alhamdulillah. I came across this knowledgeable site which has word by word translation of each verse of each surah (May Allah reward them, who work so much for people like us.Ameen)

First Make an Intention in your heart and Ask for Allah’s assistance to help memorize the Quran

Start off by reading a verse and check back on word by word translation in whichever language you are comfortable with. (The site has already mentioned above, Click on the pdf file to view the translation)

If a Verse is too big, Divide it accordingly and memorize it. But do remember to add those divided parts and learn a verse as a whole too. For Memorization the best way is to repeat a verse 4-5 times or more till you are comfortable with words and its pronounciation.

There’s no Hurry. Take your time getting comfortable with the Arabic words. Move it along your mind till you acclimatise with it. Remember: The work of Haste is always prompted by Satan.

Learn each verse separately and then read joining them altogether. Doing so is encouraged after every other verse i.e. After learning two individual verses, recite them together; Then again learn two more verses and then recite all four verses altogether.

If, facing a problem in figuring out the correct pronunciation of a particular verse, Refer here and listen to the recitation of that particular verse/word.

Once you feel you have completely memorized the whole Surah, Read/repeat it as many times as you can. Read that in your prayer, see whether you recollect each and every word/verse. If not, Check back and refresh your memory.

♦ Subhanallah ! Allah shall help you and May Allah reward us all for our efforts and deeds. Ameen.

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9 Responses to "My to-Do List"

May Allah Taala make it easy for you, Maryam.

2 more tips: It is also helpful to listen to tapes of the surahs’ being recited from time to time.

Another idea is to always memorize/recite from the same copy of the Quran.

MashAllah 🙂 Allah help u with ur goal sis, and may we all have such wondrful goals in our life, Ameen..

Assalaamu alaikum

May Allah give you success with learning these surahs sis. I really need to choose a surah to learn insha’Allah – I started on An-Naba… really I should get onto the next half of that insha’Allah. 🙂

Great tips thank you very much 🙂

Good plans. I also invite you to have a look to this link:

It’s the best site and has too many things to download. Esp Quran reciter is just wonderful. You can chose recitation among many Qari’s and then there are translation to almost all muslim languages and also English, french, spanish, etc..

Very good thing, I learnt qira’ah and tajweed with this..

pray you achieve your goals and be an inhabbitant of jannah al firdous ameen.

Thats a really really nice idea…InshahAllah one day I’ll do the same 🙂

mashallah nice intentions..was looking on the net for the meanin of surah buruj..thank you very much for tht post..may allah reward u
and abt this post..jus an idea..
wen prayin nafl prayers in the last 10 nights hold a quran in ur hand and recite the surahs..it is permissible to do so in nafl prayers..inshallah u will recite long surahs and the sawab earned will be of the nafl prayer(which equals sunnat in ramzan) plus u wud also get to learn some parts by recitation and the concentration in salat.
may allah bekind to us and save us from the hell fire..

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