Balah (Dates)

Posted on: Sunday, September 7, 2008

An-Nasai and Ibn Majah narrated in their Sunan that Aishah R.A.A said that the Messenger of Allah said, ‘Eat fresh and dried dates, because Satan gets sad when he sees the son of Adam eating them, so he says ‘The son of Adam has lived until (now) he eats the fresh and the old together’.

There types of Balah discussed are – Busr(Green Dates) ; Tamr(Dried dates) Rutab(Ripe Dates) and Ajwah(Pressed dried Dates).
Dried dates are adviced to be eaten with fresh dates rather than Green dates as Fresh dates are cold and dry while dried dates are hot and Humid, thus neutralizing the effects of each other. On the other hand, green and dried dates are both Hot, although dried dates are more Hot. Medically, its better to avoid eating two types of foods that incline towards either hotness of coldness.

Balah (Fresh Dates) are cold and dry and they benefit the mouth, the gums and the stomach. Yet, Dates are not beneficial for chest and lungs because of their coarseness. Also, the Dates are difficult to digest and are not very nutritional. The example of fresh dates is the example of unripe dates, as both cause flatulence and bloating, especially when one drinks water after eating dates. To Neutralize these sides effects, one should eat them with dried dates, or honey and butter.

Busr (Green dates) are hot and dry, and its dryness is more than its hotness. Also, the Busr dries out excess moisture, coats the stomach, relaxes the bowels and helps the gums and mouth. The most beneficial type pf Busr are the sweet and tender ones. Yet, eating excessive amounts of Busr regularly causes obstructions or clogs in the intestines.

Tamr (Dried Dates) strengthen the liver, relax the bowels, increase semen production, specially when taken with pine, and relieve soar throat. As of those who are not used to eating dried dates, Tamr cause them clogs, harm the teeth and cause headaches, unless they are eaten with almonds and poppy.
These dates are among the Nutritional fruits. Although Tamr are hot, they have the antidote against the worms, killing them or atleast decreasing them in number; if eaten at the beginning of the day(especially when taken in empty stomach).

To be Continued about Rutab and Ajwah inshallah

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7 Responses to "Balah (Dates)"

Assalaamu alaikum,

Looking forward to the next installment – I find Prophetic Medicine very interesting (but hard to understand al the hot and cold etc).

informative, i never knew so many diff names of dates .

very nice..

will be waiting for the second ones insha’allah

masha’allah..look at all the goodness in the humble date!!

In southern Iran they produce all kind of dates too. But in northern Iran and Tehran at particular, we just get those Rutabs and Tamr.
One of my friends live there in the south and every season she comes, she brings different dates!
Thank you for this post. Good informations.. 🙂

As Salaamu Alayki,

Do you have any information on date palmtree powder as it relates to infertility?
I seen something posted, however, I am not sure if it was from DD.
Barakallahu Feekum

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