The Host

Posted on: Saturday, August 30, 2008

Having figured that Its been awhile since I wrote about a book .. I shall write about the latest Novel that I happen to read. ‘The Host’ by Stephenie Meyer isnt like any Novels I prefer/love to read, But This book managed to grip many readers in its graps and eventually made it ‘The Awaited novel of this season’. I decided to read this Novel and surpress my curiosity .. Dint curiosity also kill the Cat .. ?? πŸ˜‰

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World is caught up in the most unusual war, against an enemy they cannot see. With the Earth Invaded by them, they take up Humans as their hosts by first assaulting the most powerful tool possessed by Humans – Their Mind whilst keeping their body intact. Humanity soon faces extinction and those rare Humans left are constantly hunted and captivated. One such Human, Melanie when caught is certain of her end. Only, It isnt ..

Melanie, already aware of the fate of Humans in the Hands of such invading souls resists her mind by blocking her memory from been raided by the soul (Wanderer) freshly implanted in her. With Melanie having the upper hand, she carefully tames Wanderer accordingly. Wanderer caught up in the most bizarre situation grows an ally to her enemy Melanie. Together, they set out to a Journey to protect the Man they love, which was better not taken. A friendship which would redefine the boundaries of Love and Emotions, A quest which would test their Faith and Believe, A path which would earn more enemies than friends …. A journey of an alien soul to save Human race, to protect Earth from her kind.

It was a very interesting read, I enjoyed the plot and also the flow of events. But, (I hate to say this) sometimes It lost its grip on me, and I was caught questioning ‘Why Am I reading this book?’ If such moments are ignored, I enjoyed reading this exceptional story. I might also add that there are many who would hiss at me for writing this 😳 for they love each and every part of the story.

Anyone who read this book ? What is your opinion ? Agree or disagree ?

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6 Responses to "The Host"

Oh I have this book sitting on my shelf but haven’t had the time to read it yet (don’t think I’ll have time for a bit) – so I just read your first paragraph, I don’t want to know anything that’ll ruin it!

I read all the Twilight books by the same author. Actually just finishing the 4rth one now.

I need to get twilightttt, it ran out of stock. 😦 I’m going to order after ramafan inshallah.

Oh my God. You read alot. Mashallah. πŸ™‚

What a nice story. I think i saw a good persian translation of this book in my fav bookshop.
Should go for it now.. πŸ˜‰

Ramadan Kareem sweet Maryam..

The theme have been repeated many times..no wonder you felt bored with it Sweet Maryam

Liya .. Really ?? How is that series ?
Do you recommend I read it ???

Purple Drifter .. I have the same book on hold and Lord! My number is like in thousand .. !!!

Shazi .. Oh Yes! I do read a Lot.
Dont buy it Shazi, Maybe lend it … because I dont think its worth it .. 😦

Lubbu … There, You have the correct reason .. πŸ™‚

I read this book too and felt the same way about it at times (whyyy the heck am I reading this??), but I was satisfied with the ending. I usually don’t read Sci-Fi, but it wasn’t too bad.

Hope your Ramadan is going well πŸ™‚

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