For Allah said: Be!

Posted on: Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have a wonderful news to share with you all, After debating a lot on whether I should write about it or not, I decided to give it a go. Knowing you all for such a long time, kind of made us a family, A Blogging Family. And I would love to share my happiness with my Family.

My application has been alhamdulillah accepted by the University of Toronto for my further studies. How I always wished it would happen, but wasnt sure it really would. Since the day we applied, Z had immense faith in Allah and then in our destiny. If I were to say his believe dint matter me much, I would be lying to you. It strengthened my believe and I hopelessly began to feel a pull towards it, for Z’s believe in something is anything but infectious, Couldnt help but draw towards it. Allah Subhanallu taala made our dream come true, Guess Miracles do happen. I am living my dream now alhamdulillah and hope everything would turn out well in the future too inshallah.

With only days before my Classes, I am enjoying these long days as a gift which previously used to bore me. I am all nervous and excited, And did I mention grateful too ? Remember me in your prayers Everyone, For I may really need them. I am so HAPPY and so filled with gratitude towards Allah and Z, that I can never Thank them both enough .. Afterall how many Husbands now-a-days encourage their wife to live her dreams ?? Mashallah! May Allah save every such Man from evil eyes .. Let me reward Z with a treat now   *Frantically set out in search of him, to catch him off gaurd and shower him with kisses* .. 😉

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21 Responses to "For Allah said: Be!"

Alhumdulillah! Congratulations, Maryam, for surely you are well qualified to receive the acceptance. What, exactly, will you be studying?

Oh, that’s awesome! Congratulations!

Congrats maryam !! Keep up wid ur gud work..
May allah bless u alwyz 🙂

Wow! Thats cute 🙂 Z is indeed very caring 🙂

And congratulations to you dear friend 🙂

Have fun! 🙂

Congratulations Maryam, that’s great!

Congrats!! That’s so wonderful, I’m so happy for you!!! 😀

Assalaamu alaikum,

What wonderful news – congratulations Maryam! I hope you enjoy your course which will be in….? 🙂

Marahm .. Yes Alhamdulillah.
I am an Science student there. I am nervous though ..

Specs .. II IS AWESOME Mashallah!

Niyaz .. Ameen to your duas.
May Allah bless you always too .. 🙂

Tauqeer .. Shukriya 😉

Nova .. Oh! Mashallah and Alhamdulillah he really is very caring and CUTE .. 😉

Mummyjaan .. Jazakallah .. 🙂

Mamamona .. 🙂

Liya .. Yeah! It was and still is so overwhelming for me .. I can never thank Allah enough.

Umm Ibrahim .. I hope so too Dear,
I am a science student there …

Best of luck. What field are you in?

MashAllah 🙂 Congratulations and Allah keep you blessed sis!

I believe Even now days there are husbands who respect and support their wives as they deserves 🙂

MABROOK!!!! that’s excellent news..may allah bless you with ease, ameen…..

Mashallah!!Congrats dear!!

hey Maryam many congrats!! I’m totally thrilled for you 😀
best of luck!

Mabrook. 😀 May Allah make things easy or you. Ameen.

Congrats. ………wish u all the best.Am so happy for u.

WAW, soooo happy for you Mashallah. May you always be happy and successful and in love. 🙂

What’s the field you’re in? BA or Master?

Wohooooo!!! Mubarak!!…UofT is good and has very active and large muslim students group too…you will enjoy.
Are you back after the ‘search’ ..its been a day since 😛 😉

Good luck!!

Haleem .. I am in Science field. (For more) ..

Bholi Bhali .. I believe so too, hence I asked a prayer to save such Men from evil eyes.
Jazakallah for visiting my humble blog .. 🙂

Taqwa .. Pray for me .. 🙂

Aashely .. 🙂

MayG .. How very sweet of you My Dear Darling .. 🙂

Purple Drifter .. From your mouth to Allah. Jazakallah and remember me in your prayers

Fatima .. Jazakallah Hon

Shazi .. Ameen Shazi .. 🙂
Oh! I am in Science field. I have written more about it here.

Zios .. I agree, I seldom knew about it when I applied, but I am Happy Now .. 🙂
Hhmm .. Actually It took a little time to find him, and then I was lost in him. So, … 😉

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