Pardon My Innocence

Posted on: Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lately, I happen to see many Blogs/Sites taking about different styles that can be created out of a Boring Hijab. ‘How to be Fashionable, even while doing Hijab’ it states, ‘Look Beautiful in Hijab’ they Exclaim, And did you ever happen to really see those designs ?? I mean, Which right minded human would consider trying such styles ?? And Rather than looking beautiful, No offense but you resemble a clown.

I have nothing against woman who wear Hijab, Infact I respect them. I myself am alhamdulillah one of them. The decision to wear Hijab, Although its mandatory for a Muslim Woman, is a brave one. Carrying a Hijab in a Western world is a even more difficult challenge. And those who accept that challenge, are to be respected for their choice. May Allah guide every Muslimah towards righteousness, AMEEN.

I never felt that Fashion and Hijab can go hand in hand. For me Hijab was/is always about Elegance and Simplicity. We, Muslims are adviced to hide our beauty from unknown prying eyes, for which Hijab is worn. The idea of Hijab is to attract less attention, rather than sporting flashy styles and demanding extra attention. Yes! I am against such behaviour. And so are you all ..

A Simple (colored/printed/solid) Cloth wrapped around in a Modest way rather than as an adornment is my idea of an Ideal Hijab. I am proud of each Muslimah who does Hijab and encourages other to do so too. But, The Naive ones who are lost in ‘Fashionable Hijab’ sometimes loose the essense of wearing a Hijab. Once again, This post isnt in offense to anyone here, But to draw a fine line between been modest and been Modish.

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22 Responses to "Pardon My Innocence"

I disagree. Islam was never against being dressed smartly.

I actually agree completely…whilst Islam encourages the muslim to be smart, clean and well dressed..there is very definately a line to be drawn….hijab is not about fashion..it’s about concealing your beauty out of modesty and about not drawing attention to yourself..there’s plenty of scope for dressing fashionably inside the home…

I’m with you, I don’t like the super ornate ways to wrap a shayla or too much flashiness, look at the few outfits on my blog, They are all pretty and simple.

I completely agree with you , the main reason for hijab in islam is to save oneself from prying eyes, and not just to cover yr head in all possible stylish dressed ways.

yes u are exactly correct , wats happening now is all for a fame & to get attention , datz it …In modern world people are in to these kind of things rather than to spend some time to understand our holy book.

I respect hijab , its a pride of muslim girls!!

have you checked out them burqinis?! theyre hot as hell! which sorta ruins the whole purpose of hijab, dont it?

I think theres a fine line between being fashionable, going all bling-bling and being smart. But I think sometimes the line gets blurred between the two.

I don’t have anything against being fashionable/or looking smart if it fulfills the criteria of Hijab as to how Shariah proclaims it to be. But obviously some Women go overboard and accecroise it to a very large degree [Hello, earring over Hijab!! Have you checked that out? lol]

But still though I feel that even those who go overboard, atleast they’re wearing Hijab alhamdulilah and maybe they’ll go on to being proper Mujahibahs.


Oh and not to mention, some Women go to the other extreme and don’t take over themselves AT ALL. Something along the lines of floopy Hijab with food stains all over their Abayas/Shaylas. :s

Hello, I disagree. Nowhere in Quran does it say that women are required to wear a hijab or burqa.

Shukr hai, there are people out there who actually understands real phenomenon behind Hijab, MashAllah!

Have you seen girls wearing half sleeves skin tight top with Hijab on? …what were they thinkin…:S

Yeah the idea of a fashionable hijab is funny! 🙂


they prolly didnt have their hair combed! 😀

Hmm okay, I think we’re going a bit overboard with judging. There are a lot of different dilemmas which are present in the Hijabi/Niqaabi world [And yes, I speak from experience, lol]. Some girls are forced, other don’t understand the full meaning behind it and whilst some others are still half-way, ie- contemplating wearing the Hijab so they wear it part-time.

I just feel that okay, they might not be doing it right, but they’ve taken that first initial step, so inshaAllah khair they’ll go ahead with it. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think it’s up to us to be judging them, obviously, pointing out what is wrong is [apparently] different.

Wearing Hijab isn’t easy for everyone, and I just feel that its good they’ve taken a step towards it, even though its fashionable or whatever, or half-sleeved. [Lol]

Nova, lol, I don’t think so. But I guess it depends on what your defenition of fashionable is. Actually, you can be ‘fashionable’ and a ‘Hijabi’ too, you need to visit the Muslim Arab World to know what I mean. 😉

Anyway, like I’ve said before I don’t think theres anything wrong with look good/representable and still being a Hijaabi, as long as it doesnt go over the top and you still fulfil the criteria of Hijab.

For example, before I permanently started wearing the ‘Abaya, I’d colour combinate all my clothes with Hijab. My Skirts or my tops or my dresses would always match with my Hijab, or my shoes or bags for example. But obviously everything was ‘modest’ and Hijab friendly. Anyway that was before I started wearing the Abaya, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t look representable whatever Hijab you opt for. Wa Allahu aalam.

Maryam, you need to elucidate a bit more on what you mean by being fashionable here. 😛

Sorry for the long essays, I think I need to make my own blog post regarding this.

Btwwww, someone recommended stephenie meyer to me, how is the Host? I need to get some of her books. Have you read twilight?

Iagree with your article maryam the hijab is so disrespected by sisters today and i hate it when they put designer lables on the hijab, fashion has no place with the hijab as an outer grament and those that think it does need to re-visit their faith!

Haleem .. I did not talk about dressing smartly, My problem is with those who wear Hijab, But believe me you wouldnt know its a Hijab, Thats how showy it is .. Now, That is not what Islam teaches either Isnt it ??

Taqwa .. Yes, Exactly my point of view. I am glad someone else shares the same feelings as me .. 🙂

Mamamona .. Yes, I happen to look at some of the sets of Hijab you posted. I liked them, Thats decency.

Fatima .. Jazakallah for agreeing with me .. 🙂

Niyaz .. I know ..It was pretty disturbing seeing those Sisters sporting Hijab just for the sake of an added accessory and not with deep faith.

Farooqk .. There, you answered the reason why I would never like such flashy Hijabs .. !!

Purple Drifter .. Yup! I have seen many such weirdo styles of wearing a Hijab, which prompted me to write this post.
I also saw many sisters who doesnt care enough to wear a neat and clean Hijab. I am against both, Islam suggests you to dress neat and hygenic, but at the same time condemns you to be fashionable with Hijab, whose objective is actually to attract less attention.

Hasan .. Oh! It doesnt ? Are you sure ?? IT DOES Brother

Tauqeer .. I know ..(sigh)

Nova .. For me too .. 🙂

Purple Drifter .. Oh Dear!
Okay, I would like to agree with you Hon, I understand that many girls at initial stages are forced to wear Hijab. I agree that Many girls do not see Hijab as a Religious standing, I also agree that Maybe such girls would one day understand its real meaning and decide to cover themselves properly.
If I would have posted the Images of girls(the ones I am talking about) wearing Hijab, I am pretty sure No one would have disagreed with me. But, I cant, because I respect their (blog/site owners) choice and privacy. These images would als have had given a clear idea of what I mean with fashionable Hijab.
But because, I cannot post them Lemme use my words. What is the point of wearing a Hijab, which shows your hairline as well as you ears ? What is the point of covering your head, while people are gazing at your head just because you tried a stylish version of Hijab, whereas Correct me if I am wrong, you wore Hijab to avoid such behaviour. I support elegance Hon, which doesnt effect choosing colored Hijab to match with your dress. I am totally against Fashionable Hijab though and always will be. I am sorry Hon, If you find my post is a judgement towards them. But, Believe me, Many would agree with my Idea of Hijab.
Oh! Regarding the book. I am currently reading ‘The Host’ and Its a wonderful book. I suggest you read it .. 🙂

Rainbow .. I know, I was very sad to discover the same .. 😦

Nice blog

Eng. Hasan Al-Bahkali

maybe you read my blog,lol.because i did in fact post something of dressing fashionably the islamic way.but now that i’v read this post i realized that you are right.i felt a bit offended while reading this though,but i learnt from it.

nice post:-)

Maryam, No you don’t need to apologise. 🙂 I actually do agree with you, I was just trying to clarify a few things.

Okay, I’m going to go book shopping soon inshallah, I was thinking of now, but I think I’ll do it after Ramadan. 😉

Hello, I repectfully still disagree with you.

Please direct me to the Sura in the Quran where you have found a directive that you claim.

I do not understand Arabic but I have read several highly regarded translations and have not read anywhere about it.


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