Other Side of A Coin

Posted on: Thursday, August 21, 2008

The whole world is gripped with Olympic Fever, There Hardly is a home, where the television sets arent displaying the same Channel; The remote controls are frozen, just as eyes are glued to the LCD Screens. So many events each day to completely immerse yourselves in. ‘Wow! Such a spectacular win’ we exclaim celebrating their victory;  ‘Oh! What a devastating Loss that was’ we feel for them; Sometimes we dance/jump with happiness and excitement And Sometimes we just Nod with dissapproval, too annoyed and dissappointed to even react. Sometimes even curse at the television screen … So Much for the sake of Accuracy, Perfectionism and Timing.

But, Everything doesnt go well. Some incidents do happen to shake the reality and induce fear within, the fear of uncertainity. This is were the ‘Other side of Coin’ comes into Play. It was really exciting to see M.Phelps break the previous record and claim one of his own, It was equally exciting to witness many such wins, But It was just as heart-breaking to see Janos Baranyai, A Hungarian during his weightlifting Event. I say it was heartbreakig not because he lost or whatever, But because he came face-to-face with a painful and brutal reality.

24 year old Janos started his Olympic’s with a great spirit but the end wasnt the same for him. It was pure agony when his elbow popped out the socket in the ugliest moment yet in theOlympic Weightlifting Competition. Unable to bear the weight, his right forearm bent backward, dislocating the elbow during the competition in Beijing on Wednesday, August 13, 2008. Too shocked, he fell to the ground trembling and crying out in Pain, where he was attended by the Paramedics and rushed to Emergency.

I cried looking such pain in his eyes, the pain which can never be imagined, whose measure cannot be weighed, But A little feel of which can only be felt by looking at his face drenched wet with sheer agony and ,by hearing his growl of Pain, like that of a wounded animal. I couldnt watch the video, But happen to see some pictures, which were heart-wrenching, which sent a chill down my spine. I decided against uploading the Pictures because neither am I that brave enough nor are you My dear Friends, to watch those disturbing Images of someone’s Misery and Misfortune.

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8 Responses to "Other Side of A Coin"

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ya allah..it’s making me wince just thinking about it…..

Salaam… I must be about the only person who has not seen ANY of the Olympics this year! 😯 Sounds so painful though subhan Allah – I would’ve freaked seeing that. 😕

Yikes, wow, yea I cringed too just reading that…I haven’t watched any games either!

its been a good Olympics this year…good to watch…if interested to read on sports do visit my sports blog…


As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

Haha.. I second that Umm Ibrahim, alhumduliLlah.

Thank you for not posting the pictures Maryam.

Wa’alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

I have not seen any olympics events…I enjoy life more without TV channels :-D.
and Maryam…Thanks for not posting the pictures…its really appreciated…unlike many people and media that exploit the pain of others…and now a days to that extent that its sickening!.

Prayers for the guy and everyone

Taqwa .. I understand Hon,

Umm Ibrahim & Mamamona ..Yeah, It was pretty Nasty.
Neither did I Hon, I never am interested in sports, then how on earth would I watch Olympics .. !!

UTP .. Sure, Inshallah

Farhana .. I am glad I thought against posting the Pictures .. :-), It wasnt a difficult decision though 😉

Zios .. I am not sure whether you would believe, But I myself havent watched Olympics too. Z kept me updated though .. 😉
I know, That would be the sole reason for the hatred I feel towards Media. I understand its their job, But there is a fine difference between exploiting and simply portraying it the way it really is .. !!

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