I am a Muslim !!!

Posted on: Sunday, August 17, 2008

The other day I was commuting via the sub-way, which honesty is the best and peaceful way of travelling within Toronto. To my disappointment however the sub-way was nearly full with people rushing to their works, youngsters not wanting be late for their classes ..  I had to struggle my way through the tightly packed people and was eyeing every passenger whoever let out a slightest indication that his/her stop is next, so that I could grab a seat; which I somehow couldn’t keeping in mind how shy I am … 😦

Nothing else to do other than staring at every passenger, I decided to read and grabbed the Novel that I carried, which by the way was – The Moonlit Cage by Linda Holeman. At each stop a fresh flock of people were pushing themselves inside, rather than the other way around … 😡 .Among them was a Man, who caught my eye. He was Middle-Aged and a Muslim which I instantly figured by the Book he was carrying in his hand.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

At first I thought I was mistaken, I surely Must have imagined the Book in beautiful bindery in his hands. Just when I was about to concentrate on my Novel, I saw it again. This time, There was no Mistakening. It actually was the book, I first blamed myself having imagined – ‘The Holy Quran’. Was I surprised to see a Man read Quran in a public place ??? How pleasantly surprised was I .. A sight My eyes have never witnessed until now. Amid the clusters of people who were flowing with the music spilling in their ears through their ipods, people who were busy scanning Newspapers and Magazines for the latest sniff of gossip and rumour, there He was remembering Allah – quitely and obediently.

To be quite Honest with you, I have seen Many people who put up a great show NOT TO show that they are Muslims to avoid racism, and Look at this Man, who cared a Damn about anything but pleasing Allah. Such are the Muslims, our world is in need of, The ones who arent shy or hide their religion, But are proud to be a Muslim. Looking at him, shamed me for I havent been reading Quran since a while, So Busy was I with my worldly life, that I forgot The Almighty Allah ..

Pray before Prayers are offered for you; Weigh your acts before you are weighed; And find answers before they are answered for you before Allah !!

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20 Responses to "I am a Muslim !!!"

how true maryam 🙂 i wish everybody would realize what is more important to them …this world which can come to an end any minute or the ever lastting world promised to us hereafter….may ALLAH give us all taufeeq to worship him more n more….n why should we be afraid of who we are….never should you feel shy of practicing your religion publicly…i applaud the man…mashallah…be proub to b a muslim!!!

As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest Maryam,

Jazaki’Allahu khair for the lovely reminder. AlhumduliLlah, it’s wonderful to hear they are people who are spending every minute in the remembrance of Allah.

Pick a time (5 minutes) in the day.. and read the Qur’an. No matter what..read it at that time. If you know you are going to be somewhere else.. take it with you (get one of those travel size.. and if you can’t find it..I’ll get you one)! Once it’s established, it’s hard for shaytaan to get to you… so I find. I hope that helps.

Wa’alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

That’s very brave of that man 🙂

assalamualaikum sister,

relating to your statement that I like most:

“,and Look at this Man, who cared a Damn about anything but pleasing Allah”

I have a story that touches my heart so much,( the title is Forgive Me My Sister, Afia Siddiqui) I do hope you can copy and paste it from my website( I took it from others as well) and put it on yours because you have many readers so that they aware whats happening now to this sister and give dua’.

Thank you.. Jazakallah..


MashAllah, may we all follow the lead. Ameen.

Beautiful story and great advice sister – jazakillahu khair. I think it’s a good idea to carry a pocket size Qur’an with us then any minutes that would normally be wasted can be utilised… think about time wasted sitting waiting for a bus or train, waiting for a drs appointment etc. 🙂

I think it’s fabulous that he was reading it on the subway for everyone to see! I love seeing things like that, makes you feel very happy inside even though you might have no clue who he is 🙂

MashaAllah, that’s what I love to see. Great post.

Sanaa .. Jazakallah for visiting my Blog .. 🙂
I agree 100% with you. Each and every second we are blessed with, is to be used in a proper fashion, guarding ourselves from the fire of Hell. Ameen to your dua’s Hon.

Farhana .. Inshallah Farhana, I would try to make sure than I read Quran daily, If I couldnt read a Page, some verses would do too.
May Allah forgive me and bless me with Hidayat to read Quran daily, Ameen.

Lubna .. Yes, I really Loved his act though. Maybe someday I would be a Muslimah like him ..

Admin .. I will surely look into it, inshallah.

Nova .. Indeed!

Tauqeer .. AMEEN.

Umm Ibrahim .. I agree with you, We could indulge ourselves in remembrance of Allah rather than wasting our precious time.

Liya .. Definitely made me proud to be a Muslim too. A great Inspiration he was/is.

wow what an inspiring moment.. kudos to you for reaching out to so many of us with that inspiration 🙂

MashaAllah, some people are such an inspiration. I wonder: do they realize it? 🙂

Inspiring post dear!

Thanks Maryam, very nice post!.
This is something I love about Toronto…you find people reciting or offering prayers in public places…and for non muslims too it is not very unusual sight..and a common man does respect.
By the way…many muslims use their iPod /MP3 players for listening to Quran and lectures too 🙂 .

how was he able to concentrate in the crwod?

nice post 🙂

ya its very true that people generally are not very confident toread The Quran at public places , due to various reasons, especially in a non-islamic country, I must say that was very brave of him to do so. An inspirational post.:)

A true example of how we should all be.. I might do this tomorrow.. dekhte hein what the Norwegians think when they see me reading it in the train kal 🙂

Mamamona .. Yes, It was such a treat for my Eyes, I shall always remember this incident.

MayG .. Yes, He could serve as a great Inspiration for Muslims all over the world.

Specs .. Maybe Not .. Some people just mark their presence in our lives, and they never seem to realize that. He is just one of them.

Aashely .. Thank you, All Credit goes to that Man, for inspiring us to follow his lead. May Allah Bless Him, AMEEN.

Zios .. I agree with you, I have seen many Muslims in Toronto than in any other place. A delightful reason to live in this community I must add .. 🙂
Yes, There maybe someone who would prefer listening to Quran on their Ipods, But I am pretty much sure, The poeple present there werent .. !! 😉

Anon .. Jazakallah for visiting My Blog.
I agree It must have been difficult to concentrate, But not for someone who wasnt new at doing this. Which I assume he was ..

Fatima .. Exactly My feelings ..As I said, I couldnt believe my eyes at first .. Mashallah!

Wakas Mir .. Yes, It certainly is a Good Example. But Also to be made sure that the deed is done solely for Allah and not to see People’s reaction .. 🙂

This is great. I saw quite a few during Ramadan. In fact I used to do it during Ramadan myself when I commuted using the bus – it’s a great chance to turn one Quran khatam durign Ramadan into two.

Now if the guy starts reciting LOUDLY and swaying from side to side, then expect others to be worried … 😀

astagfirullah…i have never been so shocked all my life…the source of this photo traces back to a video..i did not have the courage to watch it…astagfirullah may allah have mercy on us

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