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Posted on: Monday, August 11, 2008

They say, For a Successful Marriage, Its neccessary that you love the person you marry. Or the relationship shared becomes weaker.

This really got me thinking .. How true is it ? Agreed Its Love which makes you understand the language of a Relationship, Agreed that Love is what makes life worth living for, Agreed that Love is what completes a Human’s essence and existance. But What if everyone isnt destined to Fall in Love ? Are they simply not expected to have a successful Marriage or Relationship ??

What have you got to say about it ? Search deep within for an answer, It may surprise you .. !!

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15 Responses to "Have Your Say"

You have put it right…love the person you marry not as people put it ..marry the person you love.

It depends on ones definition of love…some people say they ‘love’ their spouse yet they abuse them emotionally and physically…and some people don’t think they ‘love’ their spouses but still they respect, care and put the spouses before themselves.

I think, in a relationship if you fulfill your duties towards spouse willingly and make him/her feel important then that is quite pure form of love…which leads to happy and peaceful family…and a society.

I don’t think that love is a must ingredient when it comes to marriage..respect and willingness to compromise, they are more crucial ones…secondly if you live long enough with anyone, you tend to develop emotional attachments with that person…

i will definitely come back again in this page.. It is difficult to answer, for now. 🙂

I don’t believe “Love Happens”. Love doesn’t happen. We make it happen. This, of course, is just my opinion. Therefore, I think we can make a relationship work only if we want to. But I guess, this will involve both the parties wishing the same.

respect, care and understand each other..dats all what is require…if you love the person..it is just added bonus.

I agree with Tauqeer above but I’d also like to add that ‘respect care and understanding’, isn’t that what love means?

I married the person I fell in love with and for me personally I don’t think I could marry first and then make myself love second. I think it depends on what one’s def. of love is.

mmm, a thoughtful post that’s set me thinking. Love..it certainly has different shades and meanings that are relative to the person…perhaps we have all been caught up too much in the romantic ideal of what love “is”. Love is so much more than butterflies and as my own relationship evolves I gain a deeper understanding of what it means to love the person you are with. Sometimes for me love is accepting that my partner is his own person and allowing him both the space and time to evolve in his own way as an individual.

Itz quiet Tricky !!!

One doesnt have to be in love to make a relationship work, if a person just respects and understands the feelings of the other and cares for them, it automatically becomes successful 🙂

I think most of the successful marriages are bound to compromise which leads to sacrifice.And if you fall in love with your spouse than everything transform into obligation by choice to make him/her happy 24/7:)

As a middle-aged woman with enough experience in these matters to speak authoritatively, I suggest that love is not required as an initial ingredient in marriage.

What is required: Respect, Intention, Cooperation, Communication, Compromise, Loyalty, Devotion, Physical Attraction, Common Goals, Shared Ethics and Morals, Honesty, Economic and Educational Compatibility…

Need I go on?

When these ingredients are combined and cooked, deep love is the product.

Assalam-alaikam Maryam,
good question, you’ve got people thinking.

I agree that love is something that comes when the circumstances are right, not that just happens. They say “love is a verb” don’t they?

I think for a marriage to be successful you need patience, sincere sympathy for each other and even if you are very different your values have to be the same.

Jazakallah for your sharing your opinion and thoughts with us.
As predicted Every other person came up with a different answer, Looks like every person has a different definition and importance of ‘Love’ in their Lifes … 🙂

Trust, Love and Regard/Respect for each other.

IMO, though I’ve to yet take a dive in such a relationship, respect matters the most for any relationship. Love doesn’t imply respect always.

Love in true essence may be 🙂

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