Surah Al-Fatiha

Posted on: Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Al-Fatiha: The Opening Surah of our Holy Quran, also known by various names like Umm Al-Kitab (Mother of All Books), Ash-Shifa (The Cure) and Ar-Ruqyah (The Remedy). The reason is it called as Umm Al-Kitab is because the Quran starts with it And the prayer is started by reciting it. This Surah is honoured with this name also because it contains the meanings of the entire Quran. This surah is recited in every prayer and Rakat, As Prophet S.A.S narrated, ‘There is no prayer for whoever does not recite the Opening of the Book’ ,Therefore it is neccessary that every person recite this Surah, even if you are lead by a Imam.

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The Companions started the book of Allah with Bismillah, and so agreed the scholars too that Bismillah is a part of an Ayat in Surah An-Naml, However they disagree that this is a Ayah before every Surah. Some scholars/companions believe that Bismillah is a part of every surah, and some believe that its a separate Ayat at the beginning of Surah and not part of the Surah itself.

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All Praise and Thanks to Allah , the Lord of all that exists

Abu Jafar bin Jarir said, ‘The Meaning of AlHamdu Lillah is: All Thanks are due purely to Allah alone and not to any of the objects that are being worshipped other than Allah, nor of any of his creations. These Thanks are for the innumerable favours and bounties HE bestowed on HIS creations, that only HE knows the amount of.
Ar-Rabb is the Owner who has full authority over HIS property. The word Ar-Rabb is Allah’s Greatest Name which is used only for Allah.
Al-Alamin is plural for Alam, which encompasses everything in existance except Allah. The Alamin are the different creations that exist in Heavens and Earth, on Land and at sea, in short everything which Allah has created with a soul.

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The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Allah has described himself by Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, the two names derived from Rahman(The Mercy) after saying ‘The Lord of Alamin’ so HIS statement here includes a warning, and then an encouragement. Ibn Abbas said, ‘They are the two soft names, one of them is softer than the other(Meaning it carries more implications of mercy)

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The Owner of the Day of Recompense/Judgement

Allah is the True owner(Malik) of everything and everyone. HIS sovereignty of the Day of Judgement is mentioned through this Ayat.
Ibn Abbas said, ‘Yawm Ad-din is the Day of Recompense for the creatures, on which Allah will reckon the creation for their deeds, evil for evil, good for good except for those whom HE pardons.

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You alone we worship, You Alone we ask for Help.

The first part is a declaration of innocence from Shirk while the second negates having any power or strength. “You .. ” means, we worship You alone and none else, and rely on You alone and none else. This is the perfect form of obedience and the entire religion is based on these two ideas. Some of the Salaf said, Al-Fatiha is the secret of the Quran, while these words are the secret of Al-Fatiha.

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Guide us to the Straight Path

After praising Allah, we then seek Allah’s guidance. We ask Allah to lead,direct and grant us to the correct guidance and towards success by making us firm and not allowing us to deviate from it. Sirat Al-Mustaqim is the clear path without branches, according to the language of Arabs.

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The Path of those on whom You have bestowed your grace, not the Path of those who earned your Anger, nor of those that went astray

We ask Allah to guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom HE had bestowed HIS grace upon, that is the people of sincerity and obedience to Allah and HIS Messengers. Such are the people who adhere to Allah’s commandmenrs and refrain from committing what HE has prohibited. But, also to avoid the path of those whom Allah is angry with, whose intentions are corrupt, who know the truth, yet diviate from it. And people who lost the true knowledge and are wandering in misguidance, unable to find the right path.

May Allah accept our efforts and Prayers, and grant us Paradise in the hereafter, AMEEN.

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10 Responses to "Surah Al-Fatiha"

Love the new look of your blog, lovely template and what better way than to start with a Surah-e-Fatheha. Allah bless you always.

I can’t believe that w edaily recite it at least 5 times without actually thinking about it’s words!

I couldn’t believe it when my dad told me sorat al fatiha tafseer for Ibin Katheer is in about 70 pages!

Thakns dear to share such a great treasure…May allah bless you and your family..ameen

nice effort,sister!

i was searching it through google when i find it
i realy liked it

assallam allaikum wrahmatllah wabrkatahu,
you are doing the best.may ALLAH bless you.
i am a new blloger from delhi, india.plz ad my blog in your site and oblige me.link as below

I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

Fatima .. You liked it ? Me too .. 🙂
I actually dint plan in such way, But Mashallah It was Allah’s Plan .. 🙂

Liya .. Jazakallah Hon

Ruba .. Yeah, Exactly My point.
I was myself surprised too, But I assure you – Tafsir by Ibn Kathir is the best available Tafseer. Mashallah

Aashely … Jazakallah Dear,
May Allah bless you and your family too, Ameen.

Wajid .. Jazakallah for leaving a comment, I am glad my post was helpful to you. And please honor us with your visit again, Inshallah

Talib .. Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
I would love to add your Blog to my Favourite Pages list. Do visit us again.

Alex M .. Thank you so much for adding my Blog RSS Feed to your News Header. I really appreciate that. Looing forward to more of your visits .. 🙂

this was a very good speech. MASHALLAH!

Nice mashallah..

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