Cher ami,

Posted on: Monday, August 4, 2008

A Phone Call today stirred my memory. I suddenly time-travelled years back, while I was in College; The Best days of my Life. The days when we were very young to be responsible and too old to be kids, A tricky stage in Human’s life that is, not knowing where we actually belong ? Among Kids or among adults ??

Although we had our little gang of friends, I had a special friend just like any of us. I wouldnt share with you her name, But would really give you a virtual tour of our friendship. We were inseparable, Now You might think we started as the same. Actually we dint, We both actually were from the competitive schools and hence carried the rivalry with us, which eventually couldnt stand the pull of Love.

She was the one who actually stirred the feeling of friendship in my heart, which I still carry. We were almost like One cannot exist without the other, She protected me whenever I needed her to and so did I. I stood for her in dier needs and so did she. We fought with people together, we enjoyed together, We bought things together, We made a Bond which underwent the burnt of jealousy, envy but still shone over our hearts.

Its been two years now since we spoke to each other, Not because we dont want to, but because we somehow couldnt. I curse that day when I kept on postponing calling her when we finished college and were busy with Admissions in Degree Colleges. If Only .. I wouldnt have done that. If only I wouldnt have betrayed our friendship by not involving her in my decision, If only I dint had done such mistakes, If only I dint had to cut her off, If only I could change the past, If only I still enjoyed the warmth of our friendship. If Only Darling….., I wouldnt have let you go.

I am sorry if you couldnt understand what actually happened between us, I assure you, you cannot. As its a personal matter which I a not comfortable sharing, but the guilt kills me inside, where I ask her forgiveness every time I remember her. I am sorry Hon, You know I would have done anything I could to change the Past, But I cant. I lost you, with my own Damn will …

I believe Life would once again make us cross our paths again, for which I cannot wait any longer, but look forward to everyday. You know I love you, and always will. You were truly truly my Cher ami (Dear Freind).

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11 Responses to "Cher ami,"


true you can not change the past…but you can change the present and enjoy the future.

Life is too short…don’t wait…just find her out..use google, abc xyz book whatever social sites are there…and tell her that with open heart…just like you have written here.You don’t have to tell her your secrets, a friend always understands.

Go!…good luck! 🙂

I’ve had many friends among guys and girls. I have one friend who really feels me, one who is so similar to me, one who never forgets me, one who calls me disloyal etc. I call all of them, friends. But i didnt have kinda close friend in my life that i share my secrets with or i be so so so close to him/her before meeting my husband.
The first and last close friend i’ve had and have, is Shahryar..

It’s never too late to bond!
reach her, explain….

Oh BTW, email’s reply awaited;)

Ohhhhh so sweet!!! such pure selfless love!!!


Oh that was so sad:(
Its never too late sweetheart — reach out to her:)

Oh, thats so sweet of you, and at the same time really sad, try to find out about her contact through some mutual friends or ne online sites, wish u good luck,

Is there any way you can make her read this sweet post of yours and let her know how much you care about her? its very difficult to say it face to face but its easy when it comes to written words..let her know how much you care about her and rest will be taken care with a bit help of God…

Zios .. I tried everything I could to find her. Its like she suddenly disappeared from the face of earth… Sigh

Shazi .. Oh! Good for you.
But having friends beyond Husband would surely not harm anyone, as long as the friend is a ‘she’

Unaiza .. I hope Its not late as you mentioned ..
I am sorry for not writing you earlier, I emailed you Hon, Did you check it ?

Nova .. Now, Thats friendship Hon,

Mina .. 😦

Fatima .. Yeah, I have been doing that since a long time, Guess Need some help from Allah too .. 😦

Lubbu .. I guess not… 😦
I do not have her current Number, neither do i think of anyway to contact her.
Allah can only make it happen now .. !!

I am a social person and every where i go i make friends. Still i do it after marriage. But i tell you, there are not many people that you can call them “close friends”. My husband is my close friend. But it does not mean i dont have other “friends” here and there.

That’s why i can feel your sadness of getting separated from your dear friend. Sure There are not other samples you can replace..

A step you took by the post … another one through a call or mail would be perfecto 🙂

Probably you can ask some of your sibling or acquaintance about her, inquire a bit, search facebook … bingo You’ll find her I’m sure … Good luck Dearz 🙂

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