The Other Boleyn Girl

Posted on: Friday, August 1, 2008

An engrossing and intriguing novel revolving around Love, Hatred, Betrayal, Envy, Competition, Lust, Survival, Murder, Suspense, Revenge – The perfect Ingredients for a Perfect Dramatic Novel by Philippa Gregory. Set in the 16th century, this story is about two Boleyn sisters – Anne Boleyn and Mary Boleyn, who driven by their ambitious family to bring more power and status are set to compete against each other for the greatest prize – The love of King of England.

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Amid the hunger for power, the Boleyn Family use their beautiful girls as cattle in the world of brutal Men, to seek their own gain. While one of the sisters (Mary) reluctantly is made the Mistress of the King, the Other one (Anne) is shown the dream of becoming the Queen of England. They are sisters, and therefore born to be rivals. The compete against each other, compromising and burning their own fates, their desires and the love of their lives on the way along.

One of them finally succeeds and banishes the other from the court, And just when the Boleyn’s thinks the impossible has been conquered, History witnessess a Major change of Events, shattering every Boleyn in their way.

A lengthy but a very interesting read by Philippa. I havent seen the movie yet, But I am sure the Book is better than the movie, which captures every Emotion, every Intention; which a Movie sometimes fails to. I enjoyed reading ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’, specially the frame in which the story is said. Good Narration favoured by a sensuous story.

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7 Responses to "The Other Boleyn Girl"

I read their story as a historical event and not a novel. Sure novel will be more interesting bcs the writer gives personality to heros and heroines and one can connect to the persons directly from his own feeling.
I too think always books are better than their movies..

Book was good and much better than the movie. She has other books too which are also really good!

Assalam-alaikam Maryam dear,
I keep seeing this book, but as I rarely find historic romances which are well-written I have avoided it so far. But seeing your review and the endorsement’s above, I’ll pick it up next time I see it in the library.

I agree, the film of a book very rarely lives up to the book itself, not sure any exceptions come to mind.

Assalaamu alaikum,

It’s a very well written book; I enjoyed it a lot, it’s very convincing. Have also enjoyed reading some of the other books by the same author like The Constant Princess about Katherine of Aragon). Highly recommended books!

Shazi .. Me too .. Agree 100% with each and every word you said.

Liya .. I knew Book would be waaay better than the movie, It always is .. ๐Ÿ™‚

Umm Salihah .. Please Do Hon, Its a very intriguing read. I am sure you would enjoy reading it .. ๐Ÿ™‚

Umm Ibrahim .. Yes, It was. I havent read any other books by the author, But would try to order the books you mentioned here.

Ooh I’ve been meaning to pick this book up (so I can finish before Ramadan) your review I think has forced my hand :).

Hijabi Apprentice .. I am glad Its my review which forced you, But trust Me, You would absolutely enjoy reading it .. ๐Ÿ™‚

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