Down the Memory Lane

Posted on: Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It was 12:29 pm, ‘A minute more to go for the bell to ring’ thought A little girl of 11 years of age. It wasnt Social Studies, her least fav subject she was finding an escape from, but was the Break session she was looking forward to. The Bell rang, and thus let Children run around the stairs, rooms. It took less than 5 mins, and Children were to be seen everywhere, immediately covering every possible space.

She grabbed her Lunch box and started pushing the food through her mouth as soon as she can, She couldnt afford to loose a chance of playing, without a Teacher hovering over her, stopping her and monitoring her. ‘Let me wash my hands first’ thought she and rushed towards the nearest Washroom; Only she dint knew she was to meet a horrible Destiny … !!!!

Running amid thousands of clusters of Children, She took a sharp turn towards the curve that led to the washroom. ‘Only If I dint’ is what she still thinks, whenever this incident replays in her mind. Suddenly she found herself before her clasmate, a Boy who was on his way out of the Washwoom, exactly at her opposite. But there was No stopping, They bashed against each other and was thrown back due to the force. The Boy recovered and got up at once and looked for her, A sight which made him shout with Fear and Horror stared back at him.

A sharp pain was throbbing her forehead, ‘Ya Allah! Why Do I feel Dizzy ?’ Murmured she, eyes still closed and instantly travelled her hand to her forehead. She felt confused at first, Coz It dint feel like her forehead. ‘What!’ thought she and opened her one eye and froze. Her whole dress was washed with Blood, her hands were soaked with her own Blood, which never felt as Red as now. The Intensity of Panic hit her, Her skin was torn open and blood was ozzing out at a rate must faster than water when opened a tap. Her tender forehead Bone was peeking through the blood, She fainted at Once.

Her Sister came rushing, as soon as the news caught her. The School Authorities cleaned and bandaged her and immediately informed her parents. Her Father left his work and came running like a wild deer at chase for his daughter. She was taken to a Hospital where she was been prepared for sewing her skin together. She was watching all of those, but couldnt make sense of any. The shock was a little too much for her little mind. As soon as the needle went through her, she felt a pain so sharp so acute that she couldnt even howl or wimper. It took only three stitches and a month before she was perfectly well and neednt wear a Bandage.

Its years now, But I still carry a small scar on my forehead (which alhamdulillah is hardly visible), But the Memory as fresh as It can ever be. It was the first time I realised and understood the difference between a Woman/Girl and a Man/Boy. While I nursed my stitches and stayed away from School for a month, He on the other hand sustained just a small scar, which hardly saw more than 10 drops of Blood.

‘Ya Allah! Thank you for looking after me and for not making it more worse than that’ – Is All I can say…. !!!

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10 Responses to "Down the Memory Lane"

That’s a really nasty fall :(…

Sweet Maryam, I also would like to read about nice memories as well..like how did you celebrated your eids in India or your most favorite moment of life 🙂 write about them too..

im glad u recovered.
I had my heda open makimg peace between my brother and my cuzin telling them good bachay dont fight:P
my cuzin pushed me and I hit the tap on the wall and later is all a histotory!
i ahd many doctors at home so got immediate first aid and hence no stiches….
BTW, MAryam I need your emaila ddress for some important information. Tried locating on your site but cudnt find, can u plz email me?

usually ppl remember memories that have a big impact on them so this incident at that time must have been a real shock to you, glad nothing serious happened.

take care maryam and have a good weekend 🙂

hey MAryam, I have emaile du did u get it? As I havent recieved a reply:D

Oh wow. Was that a boy or ‘Hulk’ in disguise? 🙂

I second Lubna’s comment. Tell us more about a happy memory. 🙂

hmmm its really more than just nice how u pictured the whole story, while reading i thought for a second that i am watching u falling and i can save u ..but on the very next sec u already fell…

Yes, we remember some memories that really affected us. But being a woman, i think is much more better than a man. For you have found a wonderful man, Z, your souldmate and love of your life.
Women feel great of their femininity when they marry their soulmate.. 🙂

As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

Aww.. I am so happy things turned out well.

Lol@ you realised the difference.. there are still people out there who don’t and think we are all the same..

Jazaki’Allahu khair for sharing.

Off topic.. how do you manage to read so many books!! Everytime I drop by you have a new one on your reading list.

Wa’alaykum as-salaam
Love Farhana

Lubbu .. I will inshallah ..
Lol!! Do I sound soo ungrateful, never writing about good things but always crying over bad memories … !! 😦 😉

Unaiza … God!! And I thought only I witnessed the dreadful fall … 😉
I am soo glad you recovered and dint need stiches … BTW, I have emailed you, Check it and write me as soon as you see it, Ok ?

Adikbongsu .. It did, I was shell shocked, Couldnt make out what was happening for sometime .. Did see stars that day … 🙂
You too have a good weekend and many more days to come Hon

Unaiza .. Yes, I have.
I am sorry I dint email you immediately .. 😦

Specs .. Definitely a Hulk in disguise … 😉
I shall inshallah … 🙂

Karl .. Thank you so much for your lovely words. I am happy you felt so about my writing style .. 🙂

Shazi .. Oh Yeah !!! They really do. I wake every day with a smile on my face, ONLY Bcoz Z is my Husband, I cannot imagine anyone who would care for me, and love me as Z does … 😳
I cannot thank Allah enough … 🙂

Farhana .. Yeah, There are many people around who still havent figured the difference between a Man and a Woman .. 😦
Ahem .. Hon, I am addicted to books, both Novels and Islamic books. I usually finish a book in two days, which explains a new one showcased every other day on my Currently reading list … 😉

sweet Maryam….I didn’t mean that you’re a whinner..I’ve seen plenty to differenciate between whinners and dreamers fond of walking down the memory lane 😉

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