Baydh (Eggs)

Posted on: Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The very Recent book That I have been reading is ‘Healing with the Medicine of Prophet‘ by Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah. Ever Wondered how diseases were cured ? What medications were been used ? Surely not what we do now … This Book holds answers for every Such Question. Along with Prophetic Medications with references drawn from Quran, this Book also offers information about food we eat; Its Nature and the Effect it would have on Human Body. I shall be posting Little Information for you, and hope that it benefits you in one way or the other.

Baydh: Fresh Eggs are better than Old Eggs and the Best kinds of eggs are Chicken Eggs. The Yolk (Yellow part) of the Egg is Hot and Wet and makes Blood sanitary, but isnt Nutritious. It also relieves Pain, poloshes the throat and the trachea, relieves coughing abd the ulcers of Lungs,liver and Prostate.

The Albumen (White/Transparent Part) could be used as an eye drop to relieve hot tumors in the Eye and the pain. It also prevents sunburn when applied on the face as an ointment. Also, It is used as an ointment and placed on the forehead in cases of dysentery.

The Yolk of the Egg has a strong effect in strengthening the heart. Egg Yolks has three beneficial uses: (a) It turns into blood quickly, (b) It does not produce extensive wastes, and (c) The blood produced is light and similar to the Blood that feeds the Heart. Further, Egg Yolk is most adequate substance against the diseases that affect the essence of the Soul.

A Highly Recommended Book, which I urge every Muslim to Buy. Click here to place an order

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7 Responses to "Baydh (Eggs)"

Hvae heard so much about the book! it has an urdu version too.

thats good info u posted, will look out for this book here.

oooo yeah…ive heard of that book, its supposed to be really good like you said……..i love books by imam ibn qayyiam…..

Btw…..I see youre’ reading the book i recommended! 😉 So…..how is it so far? do you like?

salaam to you,

i stumbled into yr blog , and i thot it is neatly done and great articles/entries u have here. 🙂

You wrote:

“The Yolk (Yellow part) of the Egg is Hot and Wet ”
and makes Blood sanitary, but isnt Nutritious.”

But then you say:
“. Egg Yolks has three beneficial uses: (a) It turns into blood quickly, (b) It does not produce extensive wastes, and (c) The blood produced is light and similar to the Blood that feeds the Heart.”

I always knew egg was beneficial, but contain fats, so few ppl kinda try to avoid it. Please clarify the confusion.

I tried t imagine egg whites in my eggs and err..it made me feel quesy 😦

Unaiza .. Does It ?? I dint knew ..Well!! Maybe because I suck at urdu .. 😦

Fatima .. Please Do, Its a great book.

Miss Muslimah .. Yeah, Even I have heard so much about this book That i couldnt seem to resist and ended buying one … 🙂
Regarding the book you suggested me – ‘The Moonlit Cage’, I am only halfway through it. Its a great story, I am angry as well as glad that you suggested me this book Hon. Angry coz you dint do it earlier and Glad coz you finally did … 😉 Thanks Sweety.
Anymore Books I should be aware of ?? Please let me know.

Nor .. Welcome to my blog Hon .. 🙂
Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate that, Do visit again .. 🙂

Tauqeer … What the book means when it says that the yolk isnt nutritious is – Nutritional value is derived on the basis of the amounts of protiens, vitamins, minerals etc are present in the substance. Maybe the amounts arent handsome in the yellow part of an egg.
No matter whether a eatable is Nutritious or not, It may or maynot have some beneficial values, which is completely independent of each other. So, Despite of the fact that its isnt nutritional, It is beneficial for a Human Body.
As far as I know, People consider Yolk to be greasy and filled with Fat, I have seen people avoiding Egg Yolk, But instead eat Egg whites which are SANS FAT… 🙂
WOW .. !!! I feel like a Doctor now .. 😉

Lubbu .. Are you saying that you never ate egg whites in your Egg ?? !!! God! I cant believe it at all .. !!!

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