My Pride

Posted on: Friday, July 18, 2008

While I was jumping through one Blog to the Another tonight, I suddenly realised I have never written anything about Hyderabad (India), the place that houses many of my memories, the one close to my heart – both pleasant and Bitter, The Beholder of my childhood, My Innocence and My Old Self.

For all who are unaware, I come from Hyderabad, also termed as ‘Nawabo ka shehar’ meaning ‘City of Royals’.Β  The reason its calles so is because This City inhabited many Mughals way back in History during their peak ruling Era. There still live many such people there whose hierarchy can be traced back to the once ruling Mughals.

The local language spoken there is Urdu, a language which is pure joy to listen to and equally difficult to learn, Although Many people speak a mix of Hindi and Urdu, which is quite popular and easy to grasp. Only a Few people could speak and understand pure Urdu, specially those who inhabited in there through generations.

The People of Hyderabad are famous for their hospitality, where Respect and Manners rule every Person’s Life and Attitude. I have visited Cities like Bangalore and Mumbai to name some, but dint like them as much as I Love Hyderabad. Hyderabad is worldy famous for possessing the Real Pearls (used in jewellery) and for its Rich and Aromatic Foods. There never comes a tourist to Hyd, who would leave without tasting every delicacy Hyd is famous for like Hyderabadi Biryani and Khubani ka meetha ( Apricot Dessert) to name a few.

The weddings held there are pure delight to witness and enjoy. The traditional customs knitted along the Modern fashion gives a dazzling outcome which is worth witnessing. The wide spread of food, the beautiful decorations enveloping the whole area, Gathering of people wearing rich colours and textures …. Gosh! I miss Hyd … 😦

Call me patriotic, Or Call me a Traditional Hyderabadi, Choose your pick forΒ  I Love Hyderabad and always would. The one who has visited Hyd, would most certainly agree with me, Woudnt you ?? I shall be in the near future inshallah be posting some of the pictures of Hyderabad Delights and Possession. Keep Waiting till then … πŸ˜‰
My Pride, My Love – Hyderabad

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17 Responses to "My Pride"

Oh wow, Maryam dear … hyderabadi biryani . *takes a chatkhara*

Thats a very nice intro .. pick things up from ur pride .. tell us more .. the cuisine .. different wedding traditions … et al.. would love to read all those things πŸ™‚

I believe its famous for its mithai as well…lots of Indian colleagues bring bank hyderabadi mithai…when they visit India…

Beautiful dedication to your city. I hope you come back there to visit the city and your parents. And i hope that i be able to travel to India too πŸ™‚

Oh! thats a good intro of the city and i must say its all absolutely right, the city is rich in culture and good food and hospitable people and the way its developed in the past few years is just amazing πŸ™‚

very nice….and I know Hyderabadi Cuisine…the first time I had Hyderabadi Biryani…man!!…it was very very spicy. :-D. At that time one of my colleagues from Hyderabad would bring special home made dish for us Pakistani bachelors on fridays..it burns…but delicious! πŸ™‚

Thanks for posting this…it’s so interesting. I hope to read more of this on your blog inshallah

Asma .. Oh Yeah !! I will .. I was such a stupid for not thinking of writing about my place earlier … !!!

UTP .. Yeah, Because Special Mithia/Sweets in Hyd are prepared from Pure Ghee, A taste so delicious which once tasted would always ask for more … πŸ™‚

Fatima .. Agree 100% with you Sweety … πŸ™‚

Zios .. Oh Boy!! I must have added a Caution to this post. “Beware! Your stomach may growl with Hunger!” Even though I am not hungry but hearing you and many others here definitely makes me one Hungry Girl .. !!!

Arabista .. Welcome to my Blog Hon,
You certainly shall inshallah ..


Mashallah its good to knw that ur from hyderabad.Alhumdulilla i’m too from it.

In short its famous in one n all things right from religion to technology.
As evreything is on change,so is hyderabad-now it has become greater hyderabad..will it stop here or move a step further…to become greatest?

Two of my cousins got married to hydrabadi guys (Indian Hyderabad) so it was really interesting to read this post…

kachi biryani, bhagary baigan and mirchi ka salan and khubani ka meetha….yummy and the hyderabadi jewellry…jarawi lacha:)

Nice description you gave us about Hyderabad. How if you put some picture in it. Let us enjoy the beauty of Hyderabad.

nicely said. interesting blog. though i must say its a bit annoying as 70% of the window is covered with other stuff and not ur post *shrug*

Thankyou for the information. I would love to visit Hyderabad. And the only thing i would specially for is Hyderabadi Biryani as i love Rice.
Learning and exploring different cultures has always been part of my inspiration.
Thanks. and i wish you visit your beloved land soon.

Thankyou for such a nice information.
I would love to visit Hyderabad, as i am a diehard lover of Rice and would love to try hyderabadi biryani.
I love to explore and learn different cultures, and i wish you visit your beloved land Soon.
thankyou, nice blog

Hamid .. I am so Glad to having met a Hyderabadi Blogger. I never knew your origin.
Yeah .. I agree 100% with you. The way Hyd has been developing since years, It wouldnt surprise me if it would become one of the greatest Cities.

Lubbu … Really!!! I dint knew that. I am sure they would love it there … πŸ™‚

Unaiza .. Gosh Girl!! You made my mouth water .. πŸ™‚
Jarawi Lacha, One of my THE FAVOURITE PIECE in Jewellery . Is it the same for you ??

Unduk .. Yes, I will inshallah. Pictures are on their way .. !! πŸ˜‰

Kaiza Shozey .. Ha!Ha!Ha! .. Is it so Annoying ??? πŸ™‚
I understand, It can be really annoying, But I Love this look. Maybe I would change it after a while .. πŸ™‚

Muhammad Danial .. Welcome to my Blog.. πŸ™‚
How Much I thank you for your kind words and good wishes for me … I really appreicate them.
Do Visit again, for I shall be writing more inshallah .. πŸ™‚

Adikbongsu .. Yes, Inshallah I certainly will Hon πŸ™‚

A very good entry Maryam. I love to here stories about other countries, their culture and people. If you have the time, do share more my dear πŸ™‚

u forgot the very famous choodi bazar…jo charminar ke pass hai..hyd is also very famous for tht πŸ˜‰
pista house ki haleem…aur pata nahi kya kya..
the list is long..place is sweet..and definitely worth mentioning..i miss it so much :(:(:(:(

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