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Posted on: Friday, July 11, 2008

I am not a BIG fan of Magazines, although I love to Read. But some days back, A magazine did catch my eye. You can say, It was out of curiosity that I took a detailed look inside it. The magazine I am talking about is ‘Sisters’ which is a Magazine for Muslim Women and Men. Now,This is something which really intrigued me. After all how many magazines do we have here in West that target the Muslim society ?? The following is the cover of Summer 2008 Issue. Clicking on this will also take you to the official Sisters site, where you could subscribe for its single of every issue.

small SISTERS Magazine cover

Although Here in Canada we have an another Magazine, but I love this the most. Sisters, Based in UK is a Magazine with some very inspiring stories, heart touching concepts, each said within the lights of Islam and the saying and teachings of our Prophet S.A.S. I would encourage everyone to go ahead and atleast download a sample issue of it (by clicking the image below), and I am sure you would go back asking for more.

Download mini sisters box

Anyone Who love this Magazine just as I do ? Isnt this a Beautiful Magazine and a Must-Have for every Muslim ?? I dearly hope that Naima (Founder of this Magazine) would always go on publishing her works which even includes Books too like ‘ From My Sisters Lips’.

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6 Responses to "Sisters – My Magazine"

The cover is very pretty! – I like how it’s very soft and not in your face. Though my first thought was, why is the girl always portrayd as lighter and the boy darker… not a big thing I guess but just something that’s been on my mind a lot recently with the books I’ve been reading.

I saw a Muslim girls magazine in the bookstore and read through it awhile ago – it was okay, but can’t remember which one it was. I think it was American.

It’s the first time I hear about it.. I’ll take a look

That’s an interesting mag … thnx for sharing~

That reminds me dear I was looking for the name of a novel you once reviewed .. was it sisters? story of three sisters kind of … remember?

Hi.. got to your blog from another…

Those cover articles sounds interesting – though Liya raises an interesting point about the covers… and usually the hijab’s always purple or red!

Though I always wonder, don’t these magazines run out of ideas after some issues?

I used to suscribe to this magazine when they first came on the scene,and it IS a really good,uplifting magazine,masha’allah.My main problem was that I didnt like having to print it out in order to read it( kind of a pain and its ALOT to print)….another reason I suscribed was because the first 6 months(i think) were free….if only they had a print magazine one could buy,I think it would be more attractive(for people like me that dont want to read it online or print it out)………….but if one doesnt mind that its DEFinately a good mag……..

Liya .. I often wondered the same too, Maybe because they wanna portray a woman as a beautiful creature .. ?? !!!
I think you have seen the American Magazine named ‘ Muslim Girl World’ …

Laila .. Please Do, Its a great Magazine .. 🙂

Asma .. You are welcome Dear.
Yes, It was Sisters by Danielle Steel. A story about four sisters, It was a very interesting Novel, Hope you would enjoy it too .. 🙂

Mezba … Welcome to my Blog,
I agree with you, Liya did raise an interesting point, Although I wondered the same always .. 😉
I think there are many People who are paid to think of ideas for every Issue, Little chance that they would run out of Ideas.

Miss Muslimah … Oh Dear!!! I know what you are talking about, Printing 70 pages and then reading it can be a bit tiring. But you know what, They now have a choice of either subscribing to a Print Edition or to a Online one, Its we who have to choose our pick .. Good No ??

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