No Time For GoodBye

Posted on: Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What would you do, if one day your family is gone. How would you feel if You are betrayed by your loved ones without any explanations or Good-Bye’s ? How would Life be, if you would have to face it Alone without your family ? How would you survive the betrayal which would haunt you for your whole life ? Would you afford to live without knowing the reason for their disappearance for your whole Life?

I happen to read this book awhile back, and Boy! Did I enjoy it ?? This story ‘No Time For Goodbye’ by Linwood Barclay is about a 14 year old girl named Cynthia, a troublesome teenager, who wakes up one day just like any other day. ONLY it isnt. While the house remains enveloped by stillness and No signs of Life, The reality hits her hard. She is been deserted, left alone. Her family has left her without any explanation and without any clue of their whereabouts.

Life moves on for her. And today, still after 25 years the disappearance of her family remains a mystery, haunting her. Having faced despair and been rejected, When she couldnt take not knowing Why her family left her so ? She decides to find out the truth. The truth she isnt ready for yet, Which would open many doors and secrets which were better left undiscovered. Unaware that In search of her family, the price she would be forced to pay, the sacrifices she had to offer, would be far too much for Cynthia and her family (Husband and a child)

The strong grip this book holds on its readers was what I loved the most. I couldn’t relax till I discovered Cynthia’s Darkest secret. I quivered with fear, and anxiety along with Cynthia. A must read By Barclay, Infact A wonderful and gripping read by Barclay. Anyone who read it ? Do you agree/Disagree with me ?

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10 Responses to "No Time For GoodBye"

I’ve been wanting to read this book for awhile! Linwood Barclay is an awesome writer – I grew up reading his columns in The Toronto Star and I believe he stopped writing for them so he could work on his book. I actually emailed him before to ask about something for a school project and he replied so nicely 😀

I dont think i can buy his book in iran now. I may have to wait for awhile. But the story seems so awesome.. 🙂

The story seems so awesome…

Story seems awsome..though now a days..everywhere I go I’m seeing ‘Good Bye’ word..spooking me out 😀 maybe all this indicating that i should read this book

Never read it……but i have read The Moonlit Cage! lol….you never answered if you read that book 😦

Oh! its been ages since i came online n visited yr blog, really missed it. Seems like a good story 🙂 Take Care.

Sigh…goodbyes are the hardest especially its really for good…that is something that no matter how many times it happens…you cant get used to it…

everybody will say goodbye one…day one should be ready for it….

Liya … Its really good to see people like Him, not to hold on to their ego and sometimes talk to their fans or general people enquiring or writing to them. Really shows their Nature

Shahrzad .. Oh! Never mind, Read it as soon as you can grab your hands on it … 🙂

Tauqeer .. Not only does it sound awesome, but It is awesome too … 😉
Hope you could read it someday …

Lubbu .. See ?? Everything is giving you signs to read this book and you arent … ???!!! 😉
Go ahead, Read it. You would simply enjoy it.

Miss Mulimah .. I am so sorry Darling, I couldnt answer you earlier. I was very much caught up with some personal issues, wasnt even updating my blog, let alone checking the comments …
Well, No. I havent read it till now, but have ordered it as soon as I saw you suggesting me to read it. Thanks dear … 🙂

Fatima .. Missed you immensely Fatime, Glad you are back here .. 🙂
Yes, It was a good and interesting story.

UTP .. Agree 100%, Goodbyes are the worst and the hardest thing a Human has ever got to do.
Yes, Everyone shall say goodbye and disappear, But I cant see how a person can be ready for it … 😦

Yay! I seen that you ordered it…really good book…i hope it doesnt dissappoint!
(lm anxious to know if you’ll like it or not,let us know!!!) 🙂

I wonder if I can get this in Poland. will look for it. thx for tip


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