Posted on: Friday, July 4, 2008

O God ! What has happened to the world ?? I couldnt be more shocked than this. I was surfing the TV channels out of boredom when I found a News Channel revealing a pretty shocking and disturbing story about a Man, who was a woman before his/her sex-change operation delivering a healthy baby Girl in Bend, Oregon …. !!!!

For more, Click here and here

Almost Every day we get to hear about some or the other weird things taking place all around the world. Guess, Qiyaamat is indeed very close … !!!!

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11 Responses to "WHAT THE HELL … ???"

Haha, i read the news yesterday. And i imagined wife of that guy goes to hospital with a bouquet of flowers, for her husband gave birth to their baby! lol

Although sex change is allowed for transexual people in Islam. Transexuality is an illness and should be treated. (i had an article on it on my blog before. Here )

Hilarious, but i dont think it was wrong thing to do. They had no other choice.. 😉

Yh, I read that story a couple of months ago, about the dude/woman —- when he/she? was preganant a few months, Qiyaamat is near us surely these are one of the signs to be aware of.

I just feel sorry for the poor baby…!

yeah I saw it….it was first a change from woman to be a man while leaving the organs intact and then having the baby…weird…yet amazing…

It was not a man technically giving birth…it was still a woman…

I saw this a few weeks ago…very strange indeed!

Maryam,I know you,love to read (like me!) and I was just curious,have you ever read The Moonlit Cage by linda holeman? I really liked this book thought id tell you about it 🙂

Transexualism a disease? Sex change allowed in Isam for sufferers? This is news to me, but good news.

I wonder if it is a disease so much as an inborn, genetic condition. Every one of them tells the same story.

One’s gender is as much as part of oneself as one’s spriit, one’s heart. Can you imagine being confused, or worse yet, thinking your body and spirit are of opposite genders?

The news piece really confused me until I read the details … the media has a way of confusing us, no!?

People will try all weird ways to gain popularity..the more shock you are, the more happy they are…

Go through all the trouble, for what?

Makes me wonder.

Funny strangeness … wonder how people around him(her) used to react 🙂

Shahrzad .. I have never
heard or read alike of which you mentioned here. Its very good to hear, if its true…. 🙂

Mina .. You couldnt imagine how shocked was I to read or listen about it. I was positive I misheard at first … Only I dint … !!!!

Liya .. Poor Wife too … 😉

Tauqeer .. Agree 100%

UTP .. Yes, It was basically a woman giving birth. But How weird is that. Weird is an under statement for it too infact … !!!

Miss Muslimah .. Yes, I am CRAZY about books, Cannot imagine my life without them .. 😉
No, I havent read it till now, But have ordered it as soon as I saw you writing its reference.
Thanks Dear …

Marahm .. I must say, I often wonder the same. But I am afraid, No amount of though or explanations satisfies my curiosity. I never seemeds to understand this particular subject. Its better un-understood I suppose … 🙂

Hina .. Yeah, Now thats exactly what Media is all about.
Confusing people, and forcing them to read their whole report to discover the truth … 😉

Lubbu .. I know … !!!
Shows till what extent are people ready to go to gain mere popularity.

Asma .. Yeah !!!
Funny and strange people I must say … 🙂

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