Golden Words ..

Posted on: Monday, June 30, 2008

My Dear Friends, I shall write to you of something,The recital of which will intercede on your behalf on the Day of Judgement, Something that would argue on the behalf of its reciter until it causes him to enter Paradise – “Surah Al-Mulk”. This surah as our Prophet S.A.S said, intercedes on behalf of the believers who used to recite it, until HE is forgiven on the Day of Judgement.


I shall point you out a small Dua, on the recital of which Allah forgives your sins, and a person is directly admitted to Jannah when recited with conviction in the morning and faces death in the evening or vice-versa – ” Allahumma ‘Anta rabbe laa ‘ilaaha illa Anta, khalaqtanee wa aana abduka, wa aana ahdika wa wadika mastatatu, a’oouthu bika min sharri maa sana’tu ‘aboo’u laka bini matika alayya, wabithanbee faghfirli fa innahu laa yaghfiru thunooba illaa anta.


My Brothers and Sisters, Remember to recite ‘Subhanallahil Adheemi wa bihamdika’ for a date palm tree will be planted for its reciter in Paradise as said by our beloved Prophet S.A.S


 I shall ask you to recite ‘Subhanallahi wa bihamdihi’ 100 times in a day, for Allah’s Messenger S.A.S said that the reciter will be forgiven for his sins even if they are like the foam of the sea.


How blessed will we be if we would get our Prophet S.A.S’s intercession on the Day of Judgement ? Muhammad S.A.S asked his believers to recite “Allahumma salli wa sallim alaa Nabiyyinaa Muhammadin” tentimes in the mornings ad in the evenings to obtain his Intercession when we will be needing it the most i.e on the Day of Judgement.

 May Allah accept our prayers and bless us with enough knowledge and wisdom to differentiate between good and evil. May Allah guide us all towards the right path, AMEEN.

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6 Responses to "Golden Words .."

Thank you for this reminder. I like Sura Al Mulk so much.. 🙂

Masallah Maryam, I always enjoy reading about your reminders espicially those that help other Muslims in any way…

Great work hun, as usual your posts forever brings a smile to my face and I truely am glad that I am a believer, and I have found your blog to bring me closer to my other Muslim sisters and of course you Sweet Maryam.

Jazakallah ukti.

Good deeds…you are playing your part…thanks…

Jazak Allah khair once again.

Shahrzad .. You are welcome.
You do ? Mashallah, Thats a good thing then .. 🙂

Liya .. Yes, They are. I was very happy to find this valuable information and am equally glad to share it with you all… 🙂

Mina .. Oh! How Lovely and Kind those words are Darling. I am so glad so many people are getting benefitted through my posts. That was exactly my motive to start a blog.
May Allah accept our prayers and guide us towards the right path, leading to Jannah, Ameen.

UTP … Thank you so much for your lovely words.
May everyone play their part towards a beautiful adobe – Jannah, Ameen

Tauqeer .. Jazakallah .. 🙂

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