HE is watching over Us

Posted on: Friday, June 27, 2008

Yesterday as per my routine, I woke up at 4:00 am for my Fajr Prayers. Sleep-walking I went to the washroom, its bright light making me more blind I performed my Ablution. As soon as the water touched my face, It jolted me back from my semi-sleep state … 🙂

I was praying my second rakat when I heard my Neighbours Car’s alarm go off. I just stood there fixed, and my concentration long gone (May Allah forgive me for that) . All I could think was ‘ Ya Allah! That must be a Burglar’ . My heart started thudding so hard against my chest that I suddenly felt a great need to suck some air in. With my soul drenched in fear, I finished my prayer and ran towards My room’s window to have a look outside. There was an absolute silence where my eyes began imagining many moments like Did I see something there, behind those swings ? Did I see a shadow behind that Lawn table ? Did that Grass just swish as in under someone’s feet ? . Ignoring my thoughts, I stepped back and immediately read Surah Ya-seen with sheer dedication in my heart. I woke Z and told him about what happened. He brushed me off saying that It must be a Racoon or a Squirrel. As the intensity of my fear hit him, He started convincing me otherwise. I sat on alert the whole while he performed his ablution and Prayers. Soon I went back to sleep where dreams enveloped me in their arms.

The next morning, We were getting ready to attend a breakfast get-together at my Aunt’s place.  Z has a wonderful habit of leaving the house ahead me to open the car for me. As Z approached our Main door and opened it, He froze. He looked back at me with a questionable expression on his face. ‘The Door was open whole Night long, We slept with our door open’ whispered Z.

I remember How scared I was last night that I couldnt let myself check for the door, although my conscience urged me to. So much engulfed i was in my own fear that I couldnt even let Z out of my sight even for a slightest moment to check the door. As soon as the reality sank in That Allah saved us, I once again was amazed by HIS (Allah) existance and the shelter HE bestows on his Believers. I agree maybe It wasnt a Burglar, But What if it was ? Our doors were open, He dint even had to struggle, The cake was served with a tempting frosting over it. Thanksfully Allah choose to protect us, my Family from danger.

I couldnt thank Allah enough ever. All I could say is ‘HE is watching over Us all’. Mashallah, How mighty Allah surely is ….

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8 Responses to "HE is watching over Us"

God always protects us.. He never wants bad for us. If someday something bad happens, its just our own mistake. And if we turn to him, he even cover that mistakes under his shelter..

Alhamdulillah! You’re safe and sound!

You know,the same thing happened to us the other day…I lock the door with all the locks…but hubby left the window (that is next to the door;and its a large window that can you can climb into easily)cracked the other night! Masha’allah! I was so nerve wracked the next day when I seen it…..

Glad you’re safe and sound

Alhamdulillah nothing awful happened…

take care my dear!

stumbled into ur blog..
Masha Allah…Allah akbar..
U must have really been lucky..See the power to SUrah Yaseen warding off any syaitans..
Am Glad for ya sister..May Allah send His angels to guard us always..Ameen

Alhamduiliah nothing harmed you or your husband, Allah is truely watching over all of us.

We remember how great he is, and what power he has when something strange or a mind boggaling event occurs, but we should always be aware of how Allah is sooooo magnificent.

Take care and may Allah protect you from any harm you and your family , Ameen.

Tauqeer … Yes, Alhamdulillah … 🙂

Shahrzad .. I agree with you … Allah never plans something bad for HIS believers, Agreed HE tests HIS believes, but would never harm people with sincere faith in HIM.

Miss Muslimah .. I know exactly how you must have felt dear, I was pretty shocked myself too … 🙂
Alahmdulillah nothing happened there, and nothing happened here too. Mashallah, Allah suely looks out for HIS believers.

Lubna .. Me too … 😉

Adikbongsu … Yes, I just cannot thank Allah enough for it, Alhamdulillah.
I will inshallah, Thanks for your kind words weety … 🙂

Frozeefa … I am glad you did, Welcome to my Blog … 🙂
Yes, I have been lucky alhamdulillah, And Ameen on your duas sweety, I pray the same too.

Mina .. Yes, HE surely is alhamdulillah.
This event did surely strengthen my faith in Allah, May Allah look out for us and every Muslim always, Ameen.

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