The Thousand Splendid Suns

Posted on: Sunday, June 15, 2008

Having read and loved Khaled Hossieni’s first novel ‘The Kite Runner‘, I decided to read his second too ‘The Thousand Splendid Suns’. Oh What a beautiful story it was, but equally heart wrenching. As his first novel was through a Man’s perspective, His second is Afghanistan seen through a Woman’s eye.

This story is about Mariam and Laila, along with every such woman in who dare to survive in a country where constant wars delude the Humans perspective and existence – Afghanistan. It was very sad to read about the state of women, the extent of exploitation, where woman are considered as something filthy and not as normal Humans, But In what a ravishing way did Khaled say this story … !!!!

I cried for Mariam, just as i cried for Laila. I cried for the injustice and agony faced by woman there. Reading this novel, the story of which is plotted very close to the reality was a pleasant change from reading the usual fictional stories to me where I got to feel their pain, understood their tears and prayed mutely for those myriad woman living amid that savage world. I couldnt keep the book down once I laid my hands on it so captivating was the story which is anything but fictional.

A definitely to-read Once again from Khaled, which left me earning for his third book, which i hope would be soon. This story reminded me of a movie I saw awhile back – Provoked. The plot of which is a bit alike The Thousand Splendid Suns.
P.S: Isnt the book cover absolutely stunning, A perfect description of what the book holds – Hope of a Woman .. !!! ?

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15 Responses to "The Thousand Splendid Suns"

My copy has a different cover, I like yours better 😀
But hey I haven’t heard anything about a third book? Share the rumours!!

O no I still havent read this yet, I’m so lazy to actually go to indigo to buy a copy…..i bet it was beautiful

این وبلاگ قطعا مال یه ایرانیه!

Salam, i know some stories teach us a lot. glad u liked it.

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Nice change…i have heard a lot about Khalid husseni’s splendid writings but still couldnt get time to read him.But very soon in my summer break..inshallah

ya have heard thats its a really good book , but havent read it as yet.

Oh so you’ve read this too .. you are one quick lady 🙂

I’ve the book for a few months now .. haven’t yet started off :/ And by so many awesome reviews I read at your blog .. mt to-read list is ever-growing … 🙂

BTW, the title reminds me of a never-ending journey for a woman … :/

I’ve heard good reviews of this book and the kite runner, inshallah I’ll give it a go, seems like you enjoyed it as u expreienced these two womens joys and sorrows…

I really liked this one too.What stuck with me though,was what laila said about maryam after she died.She said(something to this effect) that maryam radiated in her like a 1000 splendid suns….i found that to be so touching…

داستانک: نه مال ایرانی نیست. مال یه پاکستانی مقیم کانادا هستش. 🙂

The book cover is really wonderful. I agree with you. And the story is also bitter, heartbreaking AND very beautiful. But end of story is more hopeful than The Kite Runner. Anyway i still think the kite runner is best work of Khalid Hussaini.


I loved it too. I read it a few months back and I cried the whole time. It’s such a beautiful story.

Brilliant book, and the kite runner movie kicked ass!

Liya .. Oh! This book is published under two covers, Maybe you have the other one… 🙂
No rumours sweety .. Just waiting for Khalid to start working on his third Novel .. !!!

The Antidote .. Yes, It is. And stop been lazy and go buy yourselves a copy … 🙂
Really, You would love it

Haleh .. I am sorry but I dont understand what you say … 😦
Anyone who would translate it for me ??

Nasreen .. O Yeah! I loved it .. 🙂

Ghazala .. I have emailed you regarding this matter.
Thank you anyway … 🙂

Aashely .. Whatever suits you, But make sure that read his book. You wouldnt want to miss them .. 🙂

Fatima .. Read it, You would LOVE it .. Believe me you would !!

Asma .. I surely am a quick lady, as you say … 😉
C’mmon read it fast and tell me your feelings about it, Okay ?? 🙂

Mina … Yes, I enjoyed each of his books more than the other one.
You would say the same when you will read it inshallah. I am pretty sure about that 😉

Miss Muslimah .. Yes, There were some dialogues which would always remain close to my heart, like the one you mentioned and the one Mariam’s mother says .. ‘Listen it well and learn it well …’
Wow !!!

Shahrzad .. I really wouldnt compare his books, as both are completely different from each other,
I loved this more than Kite Runner and also loved Kite Runner more than this .. 😉

Purple Drifter .. Me too … !!!
I cried a lot, but I absolutely loved this book.

Farooqk .. Yes, It was indeed a Brilliant book

Its really a great work done by the writer. have really liked it. Looking up for something new.

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