I am Hooked On

Posted on: Sunday, June 8, 2008

I really Am … !!! Gosh! I know this is sooo wrong, but I love watching ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, a show based in USA, which has been recently announced in Canada as well. As the name itself suggests Its a dance competition, where 20 contestants compete with different dance styles to win the grand price of 500,000 $ and some additionals too (about which i am not sure). To visit its official website click here, and to visit Canada’s website click here

Watching professional dancers is a pure joy for me. The ability to dance so effortlessly and gracefully, making it seem quite easy whereas in reality its the opposite, is something which only a professional dancer can do. I have been watching this show since the last year, this being my second season but officially the 4th season.

Anyone who knows this show ? Anyone who likes it too, just like me … ???? 🙂
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6 Responses to "I am Hooked On"

I HATE dancing (with a passion!) but I have to admit watching that show makes me want to learn to dance with my man! I’ve only seen the show maybe 3 times but it always wows me. V actually loves dancing and always tried to get me to dance with him but I have two left feet and don’t understand a thing about music 😀

Yaay me too…
Me and my little sister were hooked, cant wait for the new season, juz love their moves:P

heheheh im guilty as well, its something we watch together as a fam, discluding the parents of course, my favorite for last season was sabra, an she ended up winning too

oh this show is fun to watch…especially the screening stages:D

I love this show too sweet Maryam and dance is really a form of expression…its a beautiful art you know….some religions treat few form of dancing as something sacred..

Liya .. HOW ROMANTIC !!!!!
Here we both have two left feets … Hilarious, Isnt it ??

Mina .. The new season has started, Hasnt it ? The final 20 are announced too, Cant wait to see them steal the stage now … 😉

The Antidote … I liked Lacey and Neil the last season. Sadly they dint win, but they made it to the Finals though .. 🙂

Tauqeer … Screening stages are fun to watch, But once the competition actually starts .. Do I love it ?? Ah !!!

Lubz … Yes, I feel so too. Dance can be considered the beautiful way of expressing emotions.

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