What Is Iblis ?

Posted on: Thursday, June 5, 2008

No believer isnt ignorant of Iblis, also known as Shaytan or Satan, the greatest enemy to a believer. But are we really aware of what He was, or His story ? I was reading a book, where i found some interesting information about Iblis. Thought of sharing it with you all.

Hasan Basri said, ‘Iblis has never been from the Angels at any time’. And Shahr bin Haushab said, ‘He was one among the Jinn’. It is narrated by Abdullah bin Umar R.A.A that, ‘Jinn lived for about two thousand years before Adam on the earth, and they made mischief on earth,shedding a lot of blood. So, Allah sent to them an army of angels who killed them and made them flee to remote islands. Iblis was one of those captured and taken to the Heavens, and he stayed there. (Picture’s source)

Allah, the Almighty created Adam with His hands, He created him as a human and he remained as an earthen body for forty years. When angels passed by and saw him, they became frightened. Iblis was the most frightened among them. He would pass by him and hit him, and the body would make a sound like the sound of pottery with a rattle. Iblis said: There must be something from which he is created. He would enter through his mouth and come out of his anus. He said to the angels, ‘Do not be frightened of it, because Your Lord is solid(samad) and this is hollow. If i overcome him I will destroy him.’

As said in Quran And we have indeed created you and then gave you shape, then We said to the angels:’ Prostate yourselves before Adam.’ So all prostated except Iblis, he refused to join those who prostrated. (Allah) asked him: ‘What prevented you from prostrating yourselves when I commanded you?’ He answered: ‘I am better than him. You have created me from fire, and You have created him out of clay.’ Allah said, ‘Then get down from here, it is not for you to be arrogant in here. Get down! You surely are from among disgraced.’ Iblis said: ‘Give me respite until the Day they all shall be raised (from the dead).’ Allah said, ‘You are of those granted respite Iblis said, ‘Because you have caused me to go astray, I will certainly lie in wait for them on your straight path. Then I shall come upon them from their right and from their left, and you will never find most of them thankful. Allah said, ‘Get out from here disgraced and expelled. Whoever of them followed you, I will certainly fill the Hell with you all. [7:11-18]

Imam Ahmad has narrated from the Prophet S.A.S, “Satan lies in wait for man on every of his path
So, My brothers and Sisters refrain yourselves from Satan and his ill thoughts and whispers. Seek guidance from Allah and follow the path of those whom Allah has blessed and gained HIS pleasure. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

P.S: I have recently posted an article here, where you can leave comments if you prefer and even rate it.

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11 Responses to "What Is Iblis ?"

Mashallah, very interesting post Maryam
People sometimes forget where Iblis orginated from and what his cause was for distruction…
Satan lies in wait for man on every of his path – Scary fact, we have to always watch our backs and ask for ALLAH to guide us.
Shukran for the reminder and May ALLAH accept your du’aa sweety:)

Even logically everything nature of Shaitan is, he could not be angel. Bcs angels have no own will to do wrong.
Study in Jinns is very interesting. Some people have this power to make them appear and capture them as slave.. And some other people get captured by jinns and imagine is this jinn be Shaitan..

Dont we see some people who are very cruel or big cheaters? Those who kill innocent civilians and have no heart for sympathy.. We have a saying in persian that says these kind of people teach Shahitan even..

Ameen for your Dua πŸ™‚

Jazak Allah khair for the reminder, May Allah keep us all from evils of Shaitan. Ameen

Ammen to the dua. thnaks for sharing. i thought it was an angel!

Mina … You are always welcome sweety,
That was exactly why i thought of making this as a post, for I believe Many people like we are unaware of it … πŸ™‚

Shahrzad … Yes, Logically Satan can never be considered as an Angel, agreeing with your explanation. And a proof to support the statement is also written in my post above.
I also think there are many evil people out here, who even outsmart Satan sometimes … πŸ˜‰

Tauqeer .. You are welcome.
Ameen to your duas

Unaiza … Me too, And thats what prompted me to write about it, to make everyone aware of it … πŸ™‚

god help me i disobeyed my parents otherwise im perfect please pray for me jazakallah

Dear All:

I agree that Iblis is a jinn and was expelled from heaven.

I have a doubt and I will be grateful to anyone who can clear my doubts with proof from quran or haidis-

my question is whether Allah and Ibilis share same features because no one know where iblis is physically present as well as Allah (la mahal), nor Allah has shape or form so does Ibiis I assume since no one has seen ibilis physically. Allah is omipresent so is Ibilis, he is corrupting my mind as well as others at different places at same time. Nor does Allah sleep or Ibilis because he is corrupting people around the world.

Raza .. I have emailed you regarding the question raised here. However, I think it is highly inappropriate to think that Allah and Satan share the same features.

Dear all:

Yes it is highly inappropriate to think that Allah and Satan share the same features. May Allah forgive me. However, do you know what is the “straight path”, who have walked on it ?


Raza .. A very good question raised indeed. I will inshallah be writing a post soon on this topic but till then; Straight path as referred to means the path that follows the orders and guidance laid down by Allah, refraining from committing the prohibitions laid down by Allah, and not indulging yourself in worldly life forgetting about meeting your lord.
All our prophets were the ones who have walked and encouraged many others to walk on this path. Along with our prophets, there are the Sahabis that have been fortunate to distinguish between the right and wrong path. I am sure in today’s world there may be just as many muslims Inshallah who continue to walk on the path advised by Allah and Muhammad S.A.S

i think he is one of the best creature that Allah has ever make.
because, his devilish side is the command of Allah itself.

he is ordered to test adam and his chlidren to be worth of being Allah’s side.

so, he is comanded not on his own will. i think

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