Magic Hour

Posted on: Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How important is it for a (small) mentally unstable kid to have someone she can completely trust ? Someone who would help her be a better person ? Someone who would understand her, and help her fight her odds ? This sensitive issue is stirred in ‘Magic Hour’ by Kristin Hannah.

This story is About Julia Cates, A Successful Child Psychiatrist, until an incident shatters her confidence and Career. Having failed to recognize her client intention of shooting other members of Church Youth Committe, She is held responsible for their death. Though the court does not declare her guilty, She is looked down by their family and Media. Julia wanting to hide herself somewhere far from the eyes of the world, reaches The Rain Valley.
There Her sister Ellie, Encounters a girl, who is stuck in a state of isolation and Fear in her mind. She acts nothing less than a Animal and is unlike any of Julia’s patients. Speechless and Alone, she gives no clue of her identity and her Past. Instantly named as ‘The Wild Girl’ by the media, she is taken under care by Julia, where once again her capacities are challenged and are targeted again by the World. The girl named as Alice by Julia, finds herself in a situation where the court wants to lock her in a Institution until her identification is made. Nothing no longer as dear as saving Alice and discovering her true-self, Julia fights back with all her might, And thus starts the tale of Love, Hope, Emotions, Happiness, Relationships, Loss and Triumph.

Kristin is one of my Fav authors, I love her style and her aura. Each of her book holds the amazing treasure of Emotions and Hope. Her stories are often very close to Human-self, without creating a tale which sounds good, but is hard to imagine or believe. Kristin in ‘Magic Hour’ writes about a beautiful bond, created with delicate threads of trust and Love. I am sure every soul who would read this book, couldnt help but fall in love with the book and its characters. A beautiful and inspirational read by Kristin.


5 Responses to "Magic Hour"

this story sounds so familiar, its a true story of genie, also known as the wild child, but sounds like an interesting read

Is it a true story ? wow sounds like a good read I am defitntly up for it

looks like a good one, by the way have read the kite runner, its a lovely n outstanding book , hope u also like it.

Assalam-alaikam Maryam,
This book looks really interesting. I ahve never come across this author before, but the subject matter sounds like something I would enjoy. Thanks for the review.

The Antidote .. Does it ? I have never heard about her…!!!
Yes, It is an interesting read … 🙂

Amal … I dont know, I have no idea whether its a true story or just Fiction .. 😦
I am glad you want to read this book. Its a beautiful book.

… I have finished reading ‘The Kite Runner’ and yes, I loved it…. 🙂

Umm Salihah … You are welcome sweety. You never heard of kristin ?? Well, She is a famous author and many of her books were best-sellers .. !!!
It indeed is a lovely story, I am sure you would enjoy it .. 🙂

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