Love! What is it ?

Posted on: Sunday, May 4, 2008

What is Love? We always talk about Love, but do we really understand what Love is? Love isnt what is shown in movies, or what we read in Novels. Love, sometimes can make you cry and can sometimes make you feel on the top of this world too. I very well understand Many wont agree with me, but i have seen many faces of love till now, which i am not sure whether any of you have seen.

Love can be very complicated, We may think we know This person inside out, thats why i Love him/her, but How much do you really know this person ? You can see only what is been shown to you. Love doesnt fade with time, Does it ? What do you call it when love wears out between people ? We cannot say, they never loved each other, just because they dont love each other anymore, or Can we ?
What makes Love a history between people Is my BIG question ? I once loved you, I still do, But it isnt enough for us anymore. Right, Why not ? What happened, How can The Most Important feeling ever to be felt by a Human-Love change ? What conclusion is to be drawn out of this, Never trust the word ‘Love’ again or There wasnt really any love between them anytime in their life ?

Love is a beautiful feeling, I agree it may break you as well as make you strong. One who ever fell in love can only understand its beauty and Its charm. It makes our life more peaceful and satisfying. Without knowing we start respecting him/her, which gives an another meaning to our lives. Its Simply Beautiful, though words cannot serve Justice to its actual feeling.

Considering all this,What do you think Guys, Can love ever end between two people ? If yes, Is it still called Love ? Isnt Love supposed to be a eternal thing ?

P.S : I have been reading a novel, with the same scenario. It really drove me Mad and hence this post …. 🙂


17 Responses to "Love! What is it ?"

I believe that if you truly love someone, you never fall out of love with them. It is eternal, however, it does change forms. I also believe, that sometimes you cannot be with the one you love, for whatever reason. It may be the wrong time for both of you. I hate that fact, but I still believe it.

I also believe, that if you truly love someone, you want that person to be as happy as they can be, to reach the stars…even if you can’t be there with them while they do it.

It might sound crazy or cold, but I like to look at love scientifically. They say the chemical state induced by love is similar to the chemical state induced by mental illness. Of course, love is more than just chemicals. The question: whatever stimulates the formation of these chemicals? Will our tiny brains ever comprehend the mystery?

as salam alykum mariam,
i am from hyderabad too. loved your blog.

They say Love is something that cannot be explained and understood even by the person experiencing it…

I believe love comes in all different forms and sizes but it doesnt always last, and cannot always be mended:(

But the love you have for ALLAH is always eternal, and thats the best thing of all.

Love between 2 people might not always last, and if it was ever love isnt something we can all undserstand, I think to and extent it might have been love but then was lost:(

Hmmm , well thats a difficult one u asked, i guess it depends from people to people as per the situations that they go through, and coz of that thay may fall out of love, and ya its true it can break a person as well as make them strong, but I feel time is a big healer, and it fades as time passes.

Love is always there.

I asked the same question before and got some great replies: http://liyapilly.wordpress.com/2007/05/02/what-is-love/

Everything is allowed except the manifestation of love.Its beyond any interpretation,feel as it is

Love…like any other thing in this world has limited life…it has to end one day…though sometimes death interferes and makes it seem eternal 🙂

Thats some heavy philosophy sweet Maryam..lets make things simpler 🙂

And if you’re inspired by Danielle Steel’s book than I’m surprised…I never regard her as a thought provoking author 😦

hmm love, interesting thing, depends on love for creatures or love for the creator, love for creator is forever, eternal just like Him but love for creatures can be temporary, just like there actual being …

Love is for the sake of Allah….

Searchingwithin ….. Welcome to my blog. Unfortunately yes, I do agree with you. I hate to admit so, But i agree wholeheartedly with what you said.

Hina … Is that right ? I never heard of that, Thats totally new for me. Its pretty wierd, Isnt it ?

Sara … Yeah, It is 😦

Nasreen … Welcome to my blog sweety, Yes I am from Hyd, Thanks for your lovely comment.

Mina … I understand it now, I knew it all along but I guess I was playing ignorant at-first. Never wanted to accept that Love can sometimes fade between people. But thats the way it is, Isnt it ?
You are right, Love towards Allah is the only eternal love that can ever exist.

Fatima …. Yes, Thats right dear.
I dont think time heals anything. It just fades away the memory otherwise the wounds are always there, Arent they ?

Liya … Is it ? I am not that sure about that.
I have checked out your question and the answers you got, But dont you think our questions are a bit different? but, i did enjoy reading the replies … 😉

Aashely … Yes, Thats true. Feel as it is … 🙂

Zios … Now, Thats a very honest answer and i cannot disagree with you on that.

Lubbu … Sometimes life throws some difficult questions on your face and we fail to find their answers. Maybe this is one of them … 😦
I aint inspired by Danielle Steel, Its an another book i was reading.Thoughs arent provoked by only thought provoking writers, Sometimes talking to a nerd can force you to think of something too … 😉

Tauqeer, Miss Muslimah …Thats true, I couldnt agree more with you.

As a visitor to this post, i would like to ask you a simple question “Do you think that real love hurts?”

And yes… love is a beautiful…its there waiting to be nurtured through respect, sharing, smiles and tears…

The beauty of love lies in sacrificing oneself and one’s dreams for others…can be a painful experience for many but it keeps on increasing…

I am sorry… this is an all girls post but i couldnt restrain posting on it…

Love is really beautiful, and difficult to answer unless you are asking about love to Allah… because it is really eternal.

salams sister,
what a lovely post. I was bit down recently, can be also seen in my post, so it was really something I needed to read.
Thank you for posting this words full of hope and sunshine.


Shaykh … Yes, I do think that Real Love hurts.
I couldnt help but agree with your words, Love indeed needs to be nurtured through respect and sharing smiles and tears. Excellent point you have there.
Nope, It isnt a ‘Girly’ post, It was just eating my mind, and eventually turned out as a post … I appreciate your comment though .. 🙂

Baikong … Yes, It is. I aint asking about love towards Allah, I am referring to the Love between two people here in this post.

Amina …Aww, I hope you are doing great now Amina.
The pleasure is all mine … 🙂

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