The Alchemist

Posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some days back I was requested by Baikong, to read this book ‘The Alchemist’ and post my opinion about it. Luckily this book was available in the library nearby, wasted no time in bringing it home and started reading it.

To be quite honest with you all, I did not like the story atall. It would rather serve as an ideal bed-time story for me. There came many times while i was reading it, when i wanted to stop reading the fairy tale. But, I had to go on, for Baikong. I do not believe in Fairy-tales atall, they in a way annoy me. This was on of them, who dint fail to annoy me too. Some of the situations wereΒ too superficial to believe in, And what i dont/cannot believe, I dont like it. Thats it … !!!

The bottom line of the story, i.e to follow our dreams and realise the reason behind our existance, is the only thing that i could relate myself or any normal human life with. Believing in omens, understanding them and moving ahead in life according to them, Omens being a means of communication from God with us, is exactly what I dont believe in. I do not believe in Alchemist’s too, who know everything beforehand, How can they, Are you kidding me ?? I hated the usage of Alchemist’s in this story the most. I could not believe when i read the part where the man offers the boy a glass of wine, on which the boy intorragates that Its haram to drink alchohol in Arab state, and our Alchemist replies,’It isnt what enters our mouth which is evil, it is what comes out of their mouths that is’. Bravo! Good choice of words, But its only partially true.Anyway … I am sorry Baikong, had to be this way, But i couldnt like it. Have no more to write about ths book now.

Anyone who fail to agree with me, Please feel free to express your opinions. Your comments and criticism is openly welcomed…. πŸ™‚


13 Responses to "The Alchemist"

Alchemist is one of my favorite books. The reason is not that I fully agree with the story or it impressed me but I just felt too motivated. I felt that dreams do come true and we have to struggle for it. I am not sure about omens and all other signs that were given but this book made me a firm believer that you have to make your destiny.
Just like I love teh movies, “Pursuit of happiness” & “Shawshank Redemption” These two movies motivated me alot. I just mentioned it.. I knwo it aint related

I understand Unaiza. Its good if seen through that point of view, Atleast it makes bearable for me … πŸ˜‰

I loved the movie ‘Pirsuit of Happiness’. It was the best movie i have seen till date. Did you know, its actually a novel, and that movie is based on it…. ??

And do u know the person will played is real

I am a big admirer of Paulo Coelho’s books and have read most of his inventions like The Alchemist,The Zahir,Eleven Minutes and Veronika decides to die.Bottom line of his all work is to believe in you and go as long as you can to achieve your dreams.Moreover,he stimulates his readers to see things in broader vision rather through spiritual perspective and acknowldge its benefit in life.

And…I m too reading in these days Deniel Steel but her other novel ”Fine Things”

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

I have not read this book, but thks for sharing the review, at least i know what to expect of it if i ever come across it. πŸ™‚

I thought it was beautifully written. You don’t have to believe in everything you read, I certainly agree with you on what you disliked but it’s a story right? A dream can mean different things to different people.

People are different so it’s normal that you don’t agree with all what you read yet reading inspires man’s (and woman’s) mind of course.

As for me, I liked the story from the point of view that a person might receive ‘signs’ however he/she ignore them because of rushing and not pausing a little to think.

This book was much-hyped in the UK and to be honest on reading it I also felt rather dissappointed. I didn’t enjoy it for the story or for the message. It felt a bit too obvious maybe.
I have read the Pursuit of Happyness and enjoyed it much more, I also felt it put the point across about pursuing your dreams much better.

Yousuf … I am sorry, I dint understan quite well what you said, Can you explain me ???

Aashely … Are you ? Gosh! I just couldnt bear his writing style. Dont you think, he writes as if he is writing a kid’s book ? Pardon my manners … πŸ˜‰
I do like Danielle steel’s books too, Havent read ‘Fine Things’ yet. Is it good ?

Adikbongsu … Hie! Dont read the book keeping my judgement in your mind, That may affect your thoughts about the story.

Liya … Yes, It certainly can. But still, I DO NOT LIKE IT at all … πŸ™‚

Hicham … Guess, I am different then.
So, you do believe in Omens then ?

Umm Salihah …. I am so glad there i someone who agree’s with me … πŸ™‚
I loved Pirsuit of Happiness the most, I couldnt agree with you more on this. This book really does teach a person how to persue our dreams better.

Salam sis
I guess most of us will agree to disagree hmmm!!!

But your too funny babes, I couldnt like it huh???

Shouldnt it be I didnt like it lol like by choice…
Oh I also love the Pursuit of Happyiness such a touching story I think we can all learn from such lessons.
A very heart warming and will make you cry feel fuzzy inside kinda book:)
loved it loved it and could read it a million times over and would not get tired of it.

Thanks Maryam for hearing your sound review about the book! I like the book on how it motivates its readers to pursue its dream. That’s why I read and love it… but I also disagree with other thoughts from the book. That’s why I asked a favour to you to review it.. Very well said Maryam. So brilliant! and Thanks… Still I would take other lessons from the book and all leave the other thoughts that is contradictory to my belief. πŸ™‚

The Alchemist is the book that I’ve luvd th most (m a student of Literature and have read many books…but luvd The Alchemist besides a few others)… I read ur post many days ago and didn’t agree with the content…

wantd to post a detailed comment: y i like The Alchemist…. but coz m having my exmas thz days…cudn’t get time to write one…

bt tday came online to chchk my email n blog and found this post about The Alchemist…. tho this is not all tht me wants to say but smhow is a rprsntation of wt i feel about The Alchemist and shows tht ur opinion about the book is quite simple(in negative sense,of kors)…

Here is the link: http://blog.lodewijkvdb.com/2007/08/seven-powerful-ways-how-the-alchemist-can-change-your-life.html

Mina .. I too loved the book as well as the movie ‘The Pirsuit of Happiness’ It opened my mind to be more patient and have immense faith in Allah.

Baikong … I am sorry Baikong, It had to be this way but I just couldnt make myself like it at all … 😦

Raz … I am sorry but I still disagree with me, But I appreciate your comment.
Every person has different likes and dislikes, I understand you like this book. I checked the site you provided too, and even read the post on your blog.
Looks like you are by far the Greatest fan of Paulo Ceolho ??? ;–)

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