Khadija R.A.A

Posted on: Monday, April 14, 2008

Great women of Islam
♦ Narrated Abu Hurairah R.A.A ; Jibril A.S came to the prophet S.A.S and said, ” O Allah’s Messenger! This is Khadija coming to you with a dish having meat soup. When she reaches you, greet her on behalf of her Lord (Allah) and on my behalf, and give her glad tidings of having a palace made of Qasab in Paradise, wherein there will be neither any noise nor any toil ” ♦

She was the first person to have abiding faith in the utterances of Prophet S.A.S and to accept Islam as a religion and her way of life. She was the first wife of our prophet S.A.S and did not marry again during her lifetime. They lived together in peace and harmony for more than 24 years.

Khadija R.A.A first married Abu Halal Malak bin Nabash bin Zarrarah bin At-Tamimi, She bore him two children (Halal and Hind). But unfortunately he passed away. She then again married Atique bin Aith bin Abdullah Al-Makhzomi, and she had a daughter by him (Hindah). But he marriage broke on grounds of incompatibility. She heard of Prophet S.A.S and his trustworthiness and sent him a job offer to work with her. She was deeply moved and impressed hearing about Prophet S.A.S through Maisarah (who was sent with prophet S.A.S on her business trip) and started thinking of proposing marriage to Muhammad S.A.S . One night she dreamt that the shining sun had descended from the heavens into her courtyard,radiating her home. When she woke up she went for its interpretation to her cousin Waraqah bin Nofal. When he heard this dream, he gave her a serene smile, and told that her dream indicated that the prophet S.A.S whose advent had been predicted in the Torah and Injil was to grace her home and she would gain from his presence in her life. After this meeting, she became stronger in her desire to marry Muhammad S.A.S. Our Prophet S.A.S accepted the proposal and they were married.

Muhammad S.A.S used to love spending his time in seclusion in Cave Hira, and it was then when the first Ayat was revealed to him. They are from Surah Iqra of the Noble Quran.(96:1-5)

The Prophet S.A.S had six children by Khadija R.A.A (four daughters and two sons) Three of his daughters died during his lifetime, and his beloved daughter Fatimah R.A.A lived just six months after he passed away. Muhammad S.A.S’s enemies used to call him as an ‘Abtar’, the one who had no descendants, whose lineage was cut off, as all his sons (three) died in infancy. The verses of Surah Al-Kauthar (108:1-3) of the Noble Quran was then revealed by Allah, for Allah had more lasting bounties in store for him.

Khadija R.A.A passed away just three years before the Hijrah, or the Prophets migration to Al-Madinah. She died at the age of 56.When Muhammad S.A.S saw her in the thrones of death he consoled her saying, Allah has ordained it, and that the thing she was dreading, would be favorable for her. Her eyes lit up and as she gazed at her beloved husband, and her soul left its earthly body. Her grave was prepared at a place called Hujjoon , near Mecca. Muhammad S.A.S stepped into it to see that everything was as it should be. and with his own hands lowered her gently into it. Thus passed away the ‘Mother’ of all muslims, the one who sacrificed her all for Islam.

A companion of prophet S.A.S narrates that whenever any gift was bought to him he would immediately send it to some lady who had been a friend of Khadijah R.A.A, the same was used to be done whenever a goat was slaughtered as narrated by Aishah R.A.A, which when remarked was answered by Muhammah S.A.S as; “I have a great regard for her friends, as she has a special place in my heart.”

As Allah says in Surah Al-Fajr that it will be said to the pious believers -” O the one in complete rest and satisfaction! Come back to your Lord – well pleased and well pleasing! Enter you then among My honoured servants, and enter you My Paradise.”(89:27-30)


12 Responses to "Khadija R.A.A"

Very beautiful piece.. She is indeed one the greatest women in whole history of humankind. May God bless her soul..

it’s always great reading about Khadija RAA.
she’s one of the most inspiration figures.


Thanks Maryam. 🙂

As Salaamu ALaikum SIs:

Indeed she was one of the greatest women and most sought out when reading and making comparisons of when women then and now. Of course, those women were very unique Mash’ALlah
Thanks for posting this,
I enjoyed rereading on her life and contributions


A post on any of these topics is always good, as it refreshes our memory, thanks for posting, take care.

what a lovely piece from a real story of one of the greatest women in Islam. it brought me into tears reading it.

I loved this post, thank you.
Although we should love all of the Mothers of the Believers equally, I always had a soft spot for Lady Khadija (RA) for her grace and goodness, for being the first to believe without doubt and also for the sacrifices she made for our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Jazakallah Khairun for your comments. May Allah guide us all to the Path of those who earned Allah’s happiness and also a place in Paradise, Ameen
May Allah bless you all, Ameen

wow subhanAllah thanks for sharing

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