Posted on: Thursday, April 10, 2008

 … filled me today, I was cleaning my desktop, when i came across a un-named folder of pictures. Gripped with curiosity I checked that folder, It had some of our(Me and Z) pictures together, including the one taken on our first Anniversary together here.

Its been 4 months since then, Allowing myself to drift back those months, i remembered …

There were 4 days more to our anniversary, and i dint have any clue on what we were going to do that day. As always Z in his I-wanna-surprise-you mode, was tight-lipped about that. I couldn’t take it then, I wanted to know what ‘Special’ were we gonna do together .. ! On my pleas, Z gave me some hints. We were gonna have a early start that day, so that we could be on road by 9:00 a.m driving crazily to Downtown Toronto(Of-course,stopping for a Tim-Hortons breakfast), where he planned to book a restaurant for lunch and a different for dinner. I did never see Downtown Toronto on foot earlier, and this was an ideal time for it….. I was all excited hearing it, and was LITERALLY counting my days, until ….
It was Eid-ul-Zuha today, Z went out early morning for his Eid prayers. We had a special lunch that day and decided to visit out aunt here, to wish them a Happy Eid too. We dressed up and left, where she served us my fav dessert – Cinnamon cake and some cookies. I got up to help myself and get some for Z too, I gave Z his plate, arranged my plate and walked to take my seat when Suddenly I fell, twisting my knee. I let out a huge cry of pain and cried as long and as hard as i can, for that pain was killing me. It was embarrassing too, crying before my aunt and her family, but my mind wasn’t working then at all. All i could feel was PAIN, throbbing pain.

It was a difficult time, when i couldnt walk atall for a week, Z had to carry me to washroom, to brush my teeth, almost everywhere. Even coming back home from my aunt’s place was a serious project, which couldnt happen that day. The next day Z and my uncle both brought be home, carrying me.

As soon as reality struck me, I realised Its my Anniversary Day-after-tomorrow and we cannot celebrate the way we want. And we did not, Was so engrossed with doctor visits, X-Rays, Mental trauma and stuff, that all we could do was hug and wish each other. Every plan, the excitement was long gone, but I do thank Allah for saving me from any Big thing that day, Though it was a difficult time, I do realise It would have had been much worse, which alhamdulillah wasn’t the case. I aint been unthankful or ungrateful, but the irony of that situation is worth mentioning, basically because Z is a shy and not-showing-much-affection kind of person, That was the time He himself shed his cocoon, but …. Destiny/Fate is something Really, Isnt it ? It took me and Z by surprise, not a pleasant one though … 🙂

” We all carry a little bit of sadness in our hearts. It makes us grateful for what we have “


17 Responses to "Nostalgia"

Assalam-alaikam maryam,
Not the perfect way to spend an anniversary true, but when you are an old woman, you’ll remember the way he carried you in your hour of need.
Oh my gosh, that cake!!!

this romanticism of my specie will only be done during ” the golden age of marriage( 1st five years of marriage )..
you are lucky ..though.. 🙂

ohhh… masha’allah… and alhamdulillah you are fine Maryam… I am always grateful to see couples loving each other so much through the years. It reminds me of my parents. and it reminds me of praying for a future of marriage like my parents.

So sweet , Allah Bless u both always . Take Care.

And I wana read it again and again ~ That’s just too sweet 🙂

Wishing you and Z a very blessed and happy life full of blessed moments ahead too 🙂

Love at right time matters !!

Umm Salihah …. Thats right, I do remember them everytime, but when I shall be old, those memories are certainly gonna make me smile. That would be consider as a sweet memory then, wouldnt it ??

Admin … Am i ?? 🙂
You and your wife shall be lucky as me too, omiiting the knee part ofcourse … 😉

Baikong … Thanks for your lovely words sweety. May Allah bless you with a lovong and doting husband too, Ameen.

Fatima … Thanks for your duas. May Allah bless you and your family too, Ameen.

a s m a … Is it ? Thank you sweety. I wish so too…. 🙂
Yes, Love at right times does matter. Love is actually what makes life bearable, isnt it ?

i’m sorry, i can’t read anything nor comprehend it. that cake…
alhamdolillah, you were okay. wishing for you and Z many blissful years of wedded life.

lovely memories truely reflect your happy and blessed marraige life…may you have many many more:)

Asalam alaikum Ukti

That story was so sweet thanx for sharing it…

funny how you realize how blessed you are when unfortunate things happen

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Truly there’s a blessing behind the unfortumate incident. I believe this memory will be with you for a long long time, the part where how concern your husband was to you…. that kind of memory worth more than gold…

Hope your knee is doing well sister. Take care!

The cake pic got me too, but I loved this post.

As Salaamu ALaikum:

Ohhh, I am sorry for what happened and when it happened and how it happened. Things can always be worse. I am glad to know that you have overcome this incident with much courage and strength. May Allah protect you and your husband. This is truely an unforgettable story of compassion.

Thanks for sharing sis
Best wishes for happines and health most importantly

Mona …Thank you sweety, I wish the same for you and your family too … 🙂

Aashely … Thank again, I truly hope i wouldnt cry seeing soo many people here wishing me great life ahead. That shows how much i am cared.
Thanks everyone … 🙂

Mina … Welcome to my blog. Thats the reality of life, We dont know what we have unless we loose it, We dont know how happy we are unless we cry …. and so on…

Adikbongsu … Yes, It will be with me for a longer time inshallah. Not because i would want it to, but because Its very close to my heart, and earned a special place in my life and heart too …. 🙂
Yes, I am fine now, alhamdulillah.

Mona … Isnt the picture lovely, I knew it … 😉
Thank you for visiting.

Ummabdurrahman … Dont be sweety, Because i wouldnt have got this memory then, I am sad too, that it had to end this way, but I am glad of the memories those traumatic moments left in my life.
Thanks for your lovely dua. I wish the same to you and your family too.

May Allah bless you all here, Ameen

Masha Allah! Reads like a love story and the best part about it is it’s real. You know the best things in life are free… in this case the best thing was a sprained knee, 🙂

PS. B = Bubbles

” We all carry a little bit of sadness in our hearts. It makes us grateful for what we have “

This one line says a lot more than pages actually…

You do have beautiful memories sweety…warm wishes for you and your hubby…be happy always 🙂

B …. I dint knew the Best things in life are free …. 😉
Yeah, Thats right.

Lubz … Doesnt it ? I love that line too.
Ameen to your duas, May Allah bless you, Ameen

hey im sorry wanted to comment on this post and left it on the first one:-S
Hope u r better now.

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